First day of September...what's blooming?

mary_lu_gwSeptember 2, 2012

Blooms are winding down for this year. The roses are still putting out blossoms, but most other things are pretty much done. The bush clover is just starting, so will have pictures of that in a week or two.

What's blooming in your garden?

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thinman(Z5 MI)

OK, that settles it. I have to get some roses. I have only one, a John Davis, that has been unhappy with partial-day sun in the spot I put it. I put a trellis up when I planted it four years ago, and it hasn't even needed it yet. He is going to get moved to a sunny spot.

Thanks for the beautiful inspiration, Mary Lu.

I still have a lot of things blooming in my cutting garden, which means I get at least a few more weeks of selling at the farmers' market.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

What's blooming... not much. I've been playing musical chairs with a lot of stuff, dug a huge Ligularia yesterday it was getting too much sun now the big cherry tree is gone, it's been moved to a spot with more shade. There's a few Echinaceas, Phlox and Shastas still blooming, the pool room still looks good but that's green, green and more green.

I'm looking forward to pics of your Bush Clover it's a beauty, I finally found one (Gibralter), it's not very big but I'm hoping it's a fast grower. It's a replacement for the Ligularia. This is a new plant to me and I've read somewhere it only blooms on new growth so a question, does yours die back to the crown and you just clear this away or does the old growth winter, if so how far back do you prune yours?

I also scored another plant I've wanted for a long time, Romneya coulteri the California Poppy Tree. My mom had one of these in her garden, loved those big crepe papery flowers that look like poached eggs and bonus they're fragrant.

Don't forget to post those pictures :).


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Very little blooming here. My roses were not happy campers this summer, thought I was going to lose several. Now all are putting out new growth but I'm thinking I should prune them back next Spring and let them rejuvenate. Mary Lu- what can I say about your garden but "beautiful". sigh.

My phlox bloomed surprisingly well, but now look a bit ragged. They even put out quite a few blooms after a second dead heading but now are tired. Wild ageratum is blooming but not happy with the dry conditions, which is funny because it was always the one plant that I didn't have to worry about during drought. Could be the soil in the spot it's growing has become stale. Mums are a welcome bit of bloom right now but not spectacular. My bush clover has also started to bloom. This year I added supports under it to lift branches up and off surrounding phlox and boxwood.

Can't forget the anenomes, my favorite, I was worried they may not make it through the summer but fortunately I have nice blooms on strong plants as usual. There is a double dark pink or purple anenome in the orchard that I love. It grows happily among the weeds! Last Fall I transplanted a small clump to the courtyard garden with the white (Honorine Jobert). The name of the double dark pink is lost, and I've never found this particular variety of anenome since. I hope if blooms so I can post a pic.

Here is my meager contribution. The Honorine Jobert white anenome up front, Longwood Blue Caryopteris to the left, pink plhox to the right.

September Charm anenome (pink). Photo fades color. I was really worried about the condition of this plant over summer but it hung in there. It's grown here for many years now.

My Bush Clover, we had heavy rain all last evening and sprinkles this morning so it's drooping even more.

A border of zinnias along the picket fence.

All in all, this has been a tough season for my garden as it has probably for alot of gardeners - except those I see in the other photos here this morning!

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thinman, love your cutting garden! I do not plant any annuals, but love them. Just don't have the patience. The roses pictured are all Easy Elegance roses. They are really work horses and need very little care. No spray in my garen. The round bed is 2 My Girl in the back and a small Paint the Town in the front squeezed between some daylilies. Really should move it to give it more room. The 2 bushes along the sidewalk are Sunrise Sunset and I have a total of 5 of those planted in the yard. They do throw long canes in fall, but that's ok with me. I just cut some of those for in the house!

Annette, yes the bush clover dies back to the ground in winter. We cut the canes back to about 4-6 inches in late fall. It regrows from the roots in spring. Not sure how the bloom will be this year as it has been so dry and I tend not to water the bush clover. Always forget!

schoolhouse, your gardens are looking lovely! I have to get some of the anenomes. Never tried them. Are they always fall bloomers? I am short on those. Your bush clover is looking good. Yes, the first few years it does look "floppy" but will fill in more each year. Hey, I only took photos of areas that looked somewhat good. Forget the other areas. Lucky to just keep everything alive this year with the drought and watering ban.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Mary Lu, thanks for the info... as always I look at your beautiful garden no matter what time of year and then look at mine, oh well there's always next year :).


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lois(PA Zone 6)

Blooming this weedend are:

Coral honeysuckle, with bumblebees drilling holes in the side of the flower because they can't fit into the flower opening.

Hardy begonia, with another bumblebee.

Heritage rose in hazy light that washes out all the pink.

Tree hydrangea that I planted much too close to the house but I love it there so there it stays.

Couple closeups of Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea. So pretty when the flowers start to turn pink.

Some pictures of Lily speciosum rubrum and another tree hydrangea in the garden by the street.

Rose Wisely next to the porch.

Zahara pink zinnias.

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lois(PA Zone 6)

haha, "weedend", that must be freudian. Plenty of weeds out there too, but the new string trimmer will take care of them soon.

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Over here we are into Autumn/Fall since the 1st of August and the garden has the appearance of,.. moving house,..i have a multitude of cuttings that have to be moved around and some placed under cover,..a strange combination of flowers are blooming just now,..Hydrangea,..Foxgloves,..Delphiniums,..Lupine,..Aster,..Hollyhocks and those in the picture taken on the 1st of September.


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Everyone's flowers are so pretty. I have a few salvias blooming, but sparsely. Even my annuals that should be blooming prettily are not doing as well as they should. I've just been gone too much this summer to take good care of everything. I sure am glad yall post such beautiful pictures.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

ML, you have the lushest, most healthy rose bushes ever! Gorgeous pics as always.

TM, is that a massive row of Amaranth in the background? What variety is that? Stunning.

Schoolhouse, your "meager" contribution is a great combination. I might have to copy that somewhere in the garden. I have all the plants, just never thought of putting them all together!

Lois, I think it's very interesting that all of your blooms lean towards pink. Very pretty.

Philip, I'm confused? Autumn/fall, but I see Lupine and Foxglove blooming? What is that bright red in the back middle of the photo?

Here are some pics from this weekend.
I have only done nasturtiums in pots of veggies, but this year since I converted a couple beds (a third to come this fall) in my cottage garden to vegetables, I decided to plant nasturtium seeds in the circle. It started out as a pinwheel of lettuce and now that the lettuce is all gone the nasturtiums are just going crazy! I'll definitely plant seeds again next year for the same effect.

Lucky me that I have a brother who made these beautiful tuteurs for me. I put in my order for a bench and two chairs with him too! I'm so glad woodworking is his hobby!

I love late-blooming ironweed for the bees and butterflies.

This is a very late blooming rose of sharon. My mom gave it to me from her garden thiking it was white. I'm kind of glad it turned out to be hot pink.

I know it's not a "bloom" but whenever I've planted caladium bulbs, I fall in love with them. I have to make sure these make it into the garden every year.

I've never been a huge fan of coreopsis (find it short-lived for me), but 'Zagreb' has made a believer in me. Even if these don't come back for me, I'll treat them as annuals. They have been blooming non-stop for months.

Fairy Rose, gentian and hakenochloa make a nice combo.

This photo got a little washed out, but I got lucky with this red and purple combo. Caryopteris and for the life of me I can't come up with the name of the red plant. As soon as I submit this post I'll remember?

Chrysanthemums are starting and the asters are soon to follow.

Chelone happily falls over the chrysanthemums.

I really like Cimicifuga. It's just starting to get going.

Hibiscus and 'Carl Foerster' grass.


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Lois, beautiful! I especially love your Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea, the blooms are so delicate looking! Also love your Heritage rose. I used to have one, but I lost it one winter. :-(

Philip, your gardens are extraordinary! I can't imagine the amount of time you must spend taking care of them. I love looking at the photos you post.

thyme2dig, so pretty and lush looking. Your first photo showing your gardens at the base of your steps is to die for. How you must love going out your door every day.

Not sure what my gardens will look like in the morning. Tonight we had some pretty fierce storms move through which produced hail for 15-20 minutes. When the hail/rain stopped for a short time I went out and collected a few from the patio. They were melting quickly as the temps were still almost 90. I am not sure how much damage as it got quite dark with the storms and lasted until after "regular" dark. This is what the ones I picked up looked like by the time I brought them in and grabbed the camera. The news said we had 1.25" hail. Oops, photobucket is down for maintenance, so will post the picture in the morning. Sorry about that.

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thyme's garden always inspires.

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Beautiful gardens everyone,..and great images posted,..several people here and elsewhere commented on the Lupine and Foxgloves still blooming now in the fall, never dawned on me that it wasn't the norm in some other countries,..our seasons are all a twelve week period,..Spring,..Summer and Autumn are pretty similar weather wise and seldom snow,..just frost,..oh two years ago we did have snow.

Hi Thyme2Dig,..the red in that picture are roses,..that particular colour i find very hard to photograph.


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t2d: cardinal flower? of course, totally blanked on latin.....lobelia cardinalis?

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Mary lu your roses are beautiful.

Thinman I really like that red sunflower. I hope the customers did too.

Schoolhouse, could your double dark pink anemone be called Margarete? Bluestone sells/sold it, and its the best pink anemone I have grown so far.

Thyme2dig, yes i like pink flowers and have lots, lol. I love your front yard it looks like no mowing. I also think your red mystery flowers are cardinal flower.

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A lot of stuff in our cottage gardens is done already...coneflowers, phlox, Goldstum rudbeccia waning now. All the lilies and spiked plants are long-spent.

Grapes on the roof of the pergola are lucious now and we have to get them cut down before the birds get 'em all.

For blooms, the hibiscus is right at peak, very nice. Some of the mums are blushing, getting ready to start opening while the pinched back ones have miles to go before opening. Sedums are turning color and looking really nice. We have a purplish one that's awesome, and the Autumn Joy are always nice. Along the edges of the gardens are a variety of pumpkins, melons, and ornamental gourds, with a few fruit and an a whole lot of just blooms, though the huge yellow-orange blooms are nice (the bees sure like them!). I guess if I want more fruit on those vines, I'm gonna need to get rid of a lot of the blooms, eh?

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lois - that certainly looks like my double purple or dark pink anemone. I Googled to look at some images. Will write the name down just in case. Thank you!

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asters, indian blanket,butterfly bush, lavenders, cosmos.

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I dont have pictures of my front bed which is the most "cottagey" but it is still full of zinnias and annual asters blooming and the clara curtis daisys all just opened, so there is a small field of pink out there.

In my kitchen garden, while the vegetables are mostly waning, the flowers are looking great.

And my Dahlia patch is in full swing - so I have cut flowers galore inside this fall

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Wow, lots of great pics here.

Thyme2dig - That's a row of Opopeo amaranth you saw in the picture. I went a little overboard with it this year and started 144 plants. It looks great in a bouquet with sunflowers.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

mandolls, I am so envious of your gorgeous dahlias, especially that dark red one. Beautiful!

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