Split-leaf philodendron question

PlantAKiss(Zone 7)March 9, 2002

Hi all

I have a large split-leaf philodendron. Its about 7 feet wide and 3 1/2 feet tall--I just love it. Its a large plant and in a large urn-type pot. It's wintering over inside but will be moved (not too easily!) outside when it gets warmer here. My question is...its been putting out roots that grow outside the pot. I'm not sure if they are air roots or just normal roots that have nowhere to go. The roots are crawling over my living room floor like snakes (5-6 feet long). I want to know if it will hurt the plant if I cut them off. There are only about 3-4 large ones. But I surely don't want to do anything that will harm my beautiful plant.

Thanks to anyone with experience in these who might have a suggestion.


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I've got a few `Monster' monsteras also. I've been clipping the aerial roots for years with no problems what so ever.

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I was in Florida visiting a friend who has a beautiful split leaf on the side of her home. I just loved it so she gave me some very hardy roots. Right now they are in a bucket of water.
What is the best way to get them to grow? I think they have been putting out roots in the water but I am not positive. I need to watch it for a few more days.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me.
I am in Missouri and I will grow it in a pot so that it can be moved in for the winters.



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You will get a LOT of responses if you post this either on the House Plants forum or the Aroids forum. This forum is almost dead and very little visited for reasons I explained in my previous threads.

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I have a split leaf philodendron that has overgrown it's pot. I don't have the first idea on how to best repot it. Also, the long skinny roots, can you take cuttings from these and if so how? I have been having it for 7 years and don't want to do anything to hurt it.


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PLantakiss, you should have no problems cutting the roots if they're coming from leaf nodes (aerial roots). If not, they are terrestial roots, and you may need to repot you plant. If you do cut, beware, like BrianG said about contact dermititis, the sap of these plants, like all aroids, can be harmful to the skin and mucous membranes.

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vossner(z9 houston)

I don't think you're supposed to, but, like, randyenglish, I cut them every year with no problems whatsoever. Since I have mine planted outdoors, the aerial roots occasionally freak me out 'cause they look like snakes. So, I try to be very alert when I'm cutting them, just in case...

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kristie73(z5 Co Springs)

I just bought one and I was thinking of planting it in an urn type pot. How often do you have to repot them? Should I get a bigger pot so I don't have to repot anytime soon. I didn't know about the roots like snakes. Can they get some sun or do they need more shade than sun?

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angelfairy(Z-8 S.AL)

Morning sun would probably be OK, but definitely no afternoon sun. The problem with planting in urns is you have to break the pot when it's time to re-pot.

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JGMJ33(z14 CA)

can split leaf philo's be split at the root ball - i.e., this thing is too big to re-pot by itself . . . thx

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i have a plant that is very sentimental to me. it is in a pot indoors right now but i move it in and out. i want to know if i can plant it outside? if not can i seperate the roots and make more plants./ split leaf philodendron/green
can some one give me some advise?
thanks regina

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I have a 7ft. split leaf and 11 other plants from 1ft up. I split all of the smaller ones in the fall by simply taking a sharp knife cutting through the stalk at leaf nodes and stick them in potting soil and a small amount of mushroom compost(bagged variety)and put them in a shaded area and they do wonderfully. Bring them in over the winter and keep out of bright noonday day sun as they do burn,water when dry.Oh and the 7ft, was a baby off my original 1 gal bucket plant.

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I have a split leaf which I have had for 20 + years it has gotton so big I put it on my patio and it has since rooted its self in the dirt and now has grown a green corn like friut? I guess it is some kind of fruit. is this normal?

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Hello and help!

We are novice indoor plant owners, and last year were given a beautiful slp, at the time it had one major stalk with about 4-5 "branches" with full leaves. We had it in dappled morning sun, watered once a week, and used string to tie up the top 2-3 branches. Over the past year we have watched it die slowly, and now it is only down to 2 of those original 5 "branches" with some very sickly looking leaves. What's incredibly strange is that now, just over the past few weeks, at the opposite side of the pot, new growth is sprouting from the soil! One stalk with two very healthy leaves are coming up! We were devastated to watch it die, have renewed hope with this new growth! So our questions are: How can we make sure this new growth thrives? Is there any hope for the original, which still is looking pretty awful?
Thanks for any and all tips!
Laina & Alan

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I have several very large philodendron in my backyard around the pool. This past winter, we had several days where the temperature was in the 20's. The leaves of all of the philodendron froze. I trimmed off all of the leaves, in hopes that new growth would appear this spring. It is now mid-april and still no sign of life. My question is: will these plants ever produce leaves again, or are they DEAD? Is there a way to trim the stalks down a bit and have new growth grow out of the clean-cut stalks? Since it is going to be a major problem to dig these extremely large plants up, I'm hoping that there is a way to salvage them!!!

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new leaves are pale then turn brown and wrinkle up and the old leaves have large brown spots on them

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Dear Sir, the main trunk which the green branches grow off of my split leaf philodendron has broken because of heavy wind, should I cut part of the trunk off or tape it up and hope it mends itself? What other suggestions do you have to fix this problem

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Garrett..It's a matter of whether or not your Philo's roots froze.
What about the main trunk? Is that green or brown? Soft or firm?
If stems are soft, cut the plant back. Time will tell whether or not the roots froze.
Philo's are cold-sensitive, but they're also fighters. No plant wants to die.
Hopefully, now that spring is here, you should see new growth.
In the future, when freezing nights are predicted, cover roots with plastic. I've used sheets here in IL..lol

Rosemary..Can the brown spots be scraped off? Can you provide a little more info? and/or a picture?

Michael. Most likely, the cut won't mend. You have a couple options. Did you ever air-layer? Air-layering will provide you with two plants. A simple procedure.
The second option is removing the break, and rooting. The bottom half should send out new growth,. Toni

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i live in charleston SC, i love the split leaf but i dont like the idea of dragging it indoors for winter out for summer. can i just leave it out if i mulch heavy?

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What care to produce more split leaves on plant?.mine is 4 .. feet tall.

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This is way overdue but I was looking for help with brown spots at the end of my philo leaves! Did you solve the root problem with the feedback given?

I was given and took this advice: Repot your plant in a larger pot with a thin log or thickish stick (in my case I filled a cylinder-shaped "cage" made of a sort of mesh wire, and filled it with soaking wet spagnum moss that dried out but I keep spraying it). Then when the roots come out into the air, you can tuck them into little pockets in the log, or in my case into the mesh. However, it sounds easier to clip! I would feel funny doing it, I'm very sensitive to plants' pain. On the other hand, I prune and pinch out in the back container garden. Inside in summer, because of AC, it's hard to keep the spagnum "logs" truly moist in the philo pots and they take up some room but they are decorative.

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