Help with Monkshood

phyleux(Z6 WPA)September 8, 2011

Hello all,

Planted some monkshood about 6 years ago, pretty sure it's Aconitum carmichaelii Arendsii. First few years did great, grew into nice clumps and would bloom every year. Last year and this year, the plants started out really nice and green but about mid summer the leaves start to turn yellow and brown (pics below - ignore the date). Not sure what the problem is. The plants are in full sun, got plenty of rain this year. Was planning on moving them to a semi shaded spot, thinking they might be getting too much sun. Does any one know if this is some sort of disease? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


By phyleux at 2011-09-07

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I always thought monkshood was a shade plant. THat's where I had mine at a previous house. From your pics they looked sunburnt.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

It might actually be a bacterial/fungal problem. Verticillium wilt perhaps?? I am no expert on plant disease. I only kind of guessed at that because one of my monkshoods is having similar problems, only more yellowing/browing of the foliage after bloom. I've read applying a spray containing copper all thru the season can help.

Sorry I can't give you any specific answer ;-(

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Mine looked like that too when they were in full sun. Better now in filtered shade but still rather spindly and late blooming
so I may try the copper spray that christin suggested.

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phyleux(Z6 WPA)

Thanks for the all the info everybody. Did a little more research and pretty sure it�s Verticillium wilt, seems Monkshoods are susceptible to it, and symptoms describe the leaves turning yellow and dying from the bottom up, exactly what is going on here. Also, I have three Heuchera plants right next to the Monkshoods and they are not affected. Turns out Heuchera are Verticillium wilt resistant. So I figure should get rid of the affected plants, don�t want the disease to spread. Ordered some bare roots plants for another part of the garden, Monkshood is a real favorite.

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