Chlorophytum problem

humm3r(NorthCal)March 20, 2004


I need help on my chlorophytum. I bought that plant a month ago. I hang it indoor and water it 3 times a week using tap water. It gets indirect sunlight everyday. Lately, I notice that some of the leaves are ostensibly curly and break horizontally. The tip of the leaves are brown which I read due to using tap water. I enclose some pictures of it. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my spiderplant ? Is it just a normal spiderplant or a sick one? Thanks, I greatly appreciate it.


Here is a link that might be useful: chlorophytum

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John, although I suspect that it could do with a little more light your spidey looks fine to me. They have always gotten those brown tips as far as I know, I snip them off at an angle when they bother me. Someone on the Houseplants forum may have different and better advice. HTH

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