Ficus Elastica suffering from freeze please advice

sunshine98(Z8 TX)March 1, 2004

Other years I was able to bring in my rubber tree but I transplanted it last year into a wooden planter that my husband made for me and it was too heavy and big to bring in this year. Well, we had some very cold nights and I'm afraid it damaged it. All the leaves dried up and died and the tips of the long trunks (plant is about 5 feet high) are wilted and soggy looking, yet the rest of the trunks look and feel fine. Is it a matter of sit back and wait to see if leaves form or do I do something to it to help it out? Or have I lost it forever. Any advice will greatly be appreciate it. Thank-you.

Sincerely and respectfully,


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If tissues at the root crown were protected enough so they didn't freeze, and of course - the roots are still viable, it will come back. If it does, I wouldn't be too surprised if you notice some badly deformed leaves for a while due to the cold. Prune away any mushy dead growth. Keep it on the very dry side while you wait to prevent root rot.


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jeff_w(z8 VA)

Hey Sunshine,

I dug up my small elastica from the yard after several nights in the low twenties, and I think one in the teens. I kept it semidry in the basement all winter. It started sending up new albino branches after a couple months. It is still inside, but in the sun and looking good now. I cut away all the dead braches. Ficus elastica is comoonly considered a dieback in zone 9. Maybe try roxburghii (sp?) for your zone. Woodlanders has a dieback for zone 8. Maybe it could be deciduous for you in zone 9.


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