Coleus Fanatic!!!!!!!

nightnurse21March 20, 2010

Hi I live in the Caribbean and am now starting up my collection of coleus and am looking for new friends who are also true coleus lovers too

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They are pretty, aren't they? They must grow well in the Caribbean.

Something tends to munch my plants. I suspect slugs. Do you have any insect problems? Slugs?

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Yes at the moment i am seeing slug tracks in my garden and we have a African snail problem going on and my only way of dealing with this problem is to find them and drown them in salt water,I am thinking to do the same with the slugs bu t make the container more shallow,other wise that yes plants do grow very well here and we have a large variety of plants to choose from and it is lovely during the rainy season

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I just too this year am getting into some of them, and going to attempt to overwinter about 7 varieties (cuttings, pray they live). SLUGS right now are devouring everyone's around here, it wasn't as much a problem earlier in year. Snails too, I'm sure. I've been killing many many daily.

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