Lobster Claw Heliconia

theoj(Z9 FL)March 20, 2012

My Lobster Claw did not bloom the last two summers, I assume the cold of previous winters caused this as I have had blooms for several prior years. They did however multiply abundantly so the cold did not kill them. Since this winter has been mild, I wonder if they will bloom. I can't remember if they bloomed on new shoots. The old ones have dried leaves and look pretty bad. Don't know if I should cut these down and wait for new plants or vigorously trim. Does anyone remember what summer month they bloom. I've had Lobster Claws several years. The last two summers was the first time they did not bloom. Help, Someone!


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Mine bloomed the second year and not since then. They grow and multiply like crazy. I plan to get rid of most of them.

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The Lobster Claw blooms on the previous years growth, so don't cut the old stalks off no matter how bad they look, unless you are sure they are dead. Mine starts blooming in June.

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

I think mine blooms late summer as I am further north than regine. As she said, they bloom on second year stalks, so leave enough of them to make you happy. Same problem with brown here. All I've done is trim back the leaves with the worst brown, or pieces of leaves. Also, week or falling over stalks. New growth is coming already so it will dilute the brown soon when the new leaves come. Yes, it really expands a lot when it is happy.


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