Help, Looking for any fig cuttings

olympia_gardener(5)October 5, 2012

Hi, Since my 5 year old Hardy Chicago was "grounded" this spring, It was a nervousness break moment, but I am glad I did... Thanks for all of you who shared you methods and experiences of winterizing fig tree in zone 5, helped me overcome the fear. I got a good looking tree with interesting leave in the yard, delicious fruits, no more back ache in winter and spring...I start to enjoy growing fig tree... I would like to expend my fig tree growing and propagating experiences next year. I am looking for any cuttings you may have and are willing to share. Thank you very much for your help.

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I have a few type of figs to share, what do you have to share?


Brown Turkey

Texas Everbearing

unknown Fig variety from an abandon house i found

unknown Italian Fig from a Restaurant in my area where the chef was from Italy . He brought over a cutting from his family fig tree and i have access to cuttings.

email me at if interested in trading and what you have to trade.

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Rigo, I will send you e-mail.

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you have Kumquats? you have a small plant to trade for fig cuttings? Or several Kumquat cuttings to propagate?

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Rigo, Yes I have kumquats. I have a very small meiwa kumquat seeding, and meiwa grafted plant that I can trade you for some cuttings... I will take a picture of both tonight when I get home and send to you tomorrow so you can decide which one to get.

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Hi, olympia_gardener:

I am new to fig tree growing in ground.
I had a fig tree that was indoor for several years.
It was in a big,heavy pot and I got tired of moving
the tree out to the garden in May and back into the home in September. So I have this tree planted in ground this July for the first time and I just have it covered up
with a garbage can this afternoon for the time being. I still have to put more materials to protect it better.

I live in Toronto, Canada. The winter is harsh here.

I saw this website for free fig cuttings, you can
see this website:

I hope you can get free fig cuttings from USDA,
and if you do get it, please tell me the details.
I would like to place an order to the USDA for
free fig cuttings in the future soon.
But I am unsure of the steps as I haven't got
a DHL account.

Good luck!


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Hi,fignewbie, Thanks for the info. I was looking at UCD few times in the past few years. I thought it would be more fun to trade cuttings within this community. I got several cuttings from members here already so I am good for now.

My fig tree just completely defoliated. I will wait till sometime in Nov. when the weather is for sure not going to warm up to bury it. Many members here have been growing trees in ground in this area so I am pretty sure my tree will survive if I follow their proven methods/steps.
Good luck with your tree.

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