dividing Lamb's Ear

KHampton(Z6 ID)March 7, 2005

Does anyone have experience dividing Lamb's Ear and planting clumps elsewhere in the garden? I know it's hardy stuff but I don't know exactly how to divide it. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

Lambs Ear is a great pass along plant. I divided it many times and gave allot away over the years. In early spring, trim off old weathered leaves and stems, dig it up and break away clumps of stems and roots. Plant in a shallow hole and water. This plant does not require allot of attention once it gets established. It is an interesting ground cover for the garden. Plant in full sun for best results..This is a very hardy plant. Happy Gardening....Dianne

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Don't hate me... I go jerk a piece up,roots and all, and put it where I want it. The key is to water it well before and after you move it. Keep it watered every day or so...the bottom leaves may fall off, but next year it will take off. Mine is rather like having zuchinni squash; between Stayches and Hosta,people are beginning to hide when they see me approaching!!!

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I use lindabeth's method- grab a flowering stalk, yank the plant out of the ground, snap off the stalk, plant the rest where I want a clump, water well, and forget about it until next year. will make a 'charger' (bigger than a dinner plate) clump the next spring- which will spread, flower, seed, and take over the surrounding area.

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