Tennessee(z7TN)March 21, 2004

This may not be the correct forum for this problem but here goes. I planted several emerald green arobrvitae three years ago and they were doing great, but now several of them have huge brown dead sections on them. Someone suggested it might be bagworms but I don't see any. I did have a problem with bagworms last year with one of the plants and I pulled them off and burned them. Help! I don't want to lose these plants. They would be very expensive to replace.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Thuja is a funny tree in that, more than any other tree I can think of, branches depend on certain roots. Old trees in the wild will sometimes have almost the whole tree rotted away except for one or two life-lines (veins to some) that feed a branch each. For that reason I would suspect mechanical root damage, or possibly salt if near roadway, sidewalk, or driveway. Thuja isn't too susceptible to winter burn, so it's not likely the cause, especially if only individual branches are involved, but it's possible if the damage is on the south to southwest facing portion of the tree(s). It's so difficult to guess w/o seeing the damage.


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