Croton info needed

energy_rater_laMarch 6, 2004

I rescued a couple of crotons from a local

store this winter. By keeping them inside through

the cold weather they have kept the bulk of their

leaves. I would like to plant them in my yard,

but need to know where the best location would be.

Shade (of which I have little of), partial shade,

(have a little more than full shade), or full sun

(which consitiutes 90% of my yard).

The lady who sold

them to me said they could grow outside as long

as they were covered in the wintertime.

Spring is well on its way here, I have transplanted

a couple of trees which have new leaf buds, the

narcissis and daffodils have bloomed their last,

iris' should be budding out soon. It is such a

joy to clear away the dead growth and see new

growth on my hydrangas (sp?) and see the buds on

the wisteria. My river birch has leaves, but my

purple leaf plum just has leaf buds so far.

Don't you just love this time of year????

Thanks in advance for croton info.

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ncccdist(Roanoke VA.)

after the last frost put in a simi-shady place---take bach in before winter...loyd

Here is a link that might be useful: greenhouse

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