Cup and Saucer vine

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 20, 2010

Coffee or tea?

I plant this vine every year near the back porch. Normally when the blooms have been open awhile, the leaves they emerged from fold back and really do create a little "saucer". This year the blooms are dropping before that happens. Not sure why. A different variety? I didn't notice when I bought the plants this year. Maybe because of the cooler temps right now.

Most people don't like to plant Cup and Saucer vine because it takes so long to boom. Planted in early June, it began blooming the second week of Sept. I love it anyway.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

That's so pretty! I've always wanted to try a cup and saucer vine. I didn't realize it bloomed so late. I wonder if it is like the Moonflower Vine in that respect? I've tried to grow that and sometimes it didn't even bloom for me at all.

Are they hard to grow? Full sun? I like the color of yours. Sorry I don't know why the flowers are dropping early. Is it perennial for you, or do you have to grow it from seed every year?

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Here in Ohio it is grown as an annual vine. Definitely not hard to grow, once it's established it is very vigorous. Tendrils have little sucker feet,that cling so keep that in mind when planting it on a surface that you aren't able to tear it off of well. Water now and then and esp. in the beginning during droughts (and heat like this year). I can't really say which soil conditions are best as I have always grown it in the same spot. The dirt in front of the porch is not rich, just ordinary. It gets full sun until noon, then light shade when the sun moves to the western side of the house.

Wish I could show you the saucer effect, it's really charming.

Earlier in the Spring I bought what I thought was a Cup and Saucer plant, not vine, the tag said it would get a bushy 3' tall and the photo showed these same blooms growing along a spike like a floxglove. I posted about it here, and all three plants bloomed as delphiniums. Never did get a straight answer from the nursery as to why they had "Cup and Saucer plant" on the tags. I'm still curious if there are really two different types of Cup and Saucer.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Yes, now that you mention it, I remember growing the cup and saucer plant and it is a different plant. I just went looking for it and it's called Canterbury Bells, Campanula medium. Pretty sure it is a biennial. I started mine from seed, wintersowing it. I was going to grow it again and I guess I forgot until you just mentioned it. It was a nice bloomer in part sun. I think I prefer your vine though. But to grow both would be nice.

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You are right! Canterbury Bells. I remember I grew those once years ago when I had flower borders in the orchard. Thank you for researching them, I may try them next year as well.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

schoolhouse, they are easy to start from seed with the winter sowing method. You do have to wait until the next summer to see them bloom, but really I don't usually see them offered as plants at the nurseries any way.

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HerbLady49(Z6 PA)

Very pretty and they look lovely growing on the white railing. I'm sure they're well worth the wait.

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Schoolhouse- That's a very pretty vine and I love the purple flowers. Do they all turn purple, or are some of them the paler pink?

I'd like to grow a vine like that on my porch railing, but I think it might freeze, before it bloomed.

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The blooms are a dark purple (if you call that purple in the photo)when fully opened. Start out creamy white, then pale pinkish, then the purple.

I planted three plants this year instead of just one. It really made a difference. Plus the tree there is dying and there are less leaves to block the light, I'm sure they appreciated that.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I bet the hummer just love them. Never have tried growing them. But next year after seeing your pictures.

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I buy transplants from a nursery, have never tried planting seeds; I'm guessing if you do start from seed you would have to do so very early indoors.

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