kimmienflorida(Z 8 Tallahassee)March 22, 2003

Can someone tell me if "pizzaz" is a dwarf? If not can someone recommend a dwarf variety?


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

My L. chinense v. rubrum 'Pizzazz' is no higher than a foot-probably less. I wasn't aware of it being dwarf & I've been waiting on it to spurt...since I've had it in the ground for about 2 yrs. now.

I've just found that this plant has many synonymns. Apparently, 'Pizzazz' is another name for 'Plum Delight'. You'll also find more info under the names 'Hines Burgundy' & 'Hines Purpleleaf'. Only one reference I found has 4-6' listed, but I doubt it. I did fine one site saying that 'Little Red' was a compact form.


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kimmienflorida(Z 8 Tallahassee)

The ones planted that I've seen around the city here in Tallahassee are tremendously tall. I really like the look and foilage but need a dwarf. Thank you for your help!

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I planted a Pink Pizzaz and a Plum Delight. The Plum Delight blooms earlier and heavier than the Pink Pizzaz, but both are tall and wide. I don't think it comes in a dwarf, at least, I've never seen one.

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LoraxDave(z7B Alabama)

Ruby and Suzanne are the two most compact forms. Ruby is showing up more often in the nurseries in Birmingham, but still not at the discount centers. I don't believe either of these are really true dwarfs. They are just more compact than the other forms, which eventually get very very large. I actually have seen a lot of pruned Loropetalums that look pretty good even as tight purple hedges - of course they completely lose their airy, open form, but still look good. No doubt lose the majority of their flowers as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Michael Dirr Article on Loropetalums

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Hmmmm, the plants I bought were labeled Plum Delight and Pink Pizzaz, and the Plum Delight has consistenly bloomed earlier and better than the Pizzaz. I am shocked beyond words to read that they are one and the same, they certainly haven't behaved that way in my garden.

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Lynn45(z7 pul co AR)

I have been trying to find a loropetalum for a smaller space. It sounds like choosing a particular plant is going to be questionable, size-wise. What about Razzleberri (Monvaz?)? From what I read, it gets 2 to 4' tall (one source) or 4 to 6' tall (another source) and is 4 to 5' wide. Anyone have experience with this one?

Thanks - Lynn

ps On the Pizazz, I found internet info saying everything from "max ht 4'" to "6' X 10'." I am beginning to feel a little frustrated.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

I don't know what variety my gardener planted for me, but in the past year it has stayed 1' tall, and is even shorter now, with the CA poppies leaning all over it. I keep waiting for it to get bigger -- it's gotten wider, but not much taller.

The leaves are dark purple, fading to greenish, lots of flowers at least.

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Lynn45(z7 pul co AR)

Well, now I know why they say don't post your question more than a couple of times. I searched for loropetalum & asked questions on several strands (is that want they are called?). Am having trouble keeping up. Guess that is part of being new. Haven't ever done this before - on any site. This is fun, though!

Thanks for your imput. I'm about to decide to have the loropetalum removed that my garden person put in without my saying I wanted it - it is bumped up against the back corner of my porch on each side next to the house. Unless she can find out what kind of loropetalum it is. Or maybe not. . . I am so decisive!!!

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Remember, any woody shrub can be pruned to suit hte size of the area. Granted if you want a shrub to only get to 3' tall, plant a cultivar that would grow no bigger than 4-5' max so that the plant doesn't look sick and leggy even after the pruning. Pruning 'Burgundy' down to 3-4' would NOT be a good/healthy bet.

In general, 'Suzanne' seems to be a great small loro, and in my opinion, look the best if you wanted to keep it small even with a slight haircut every summer.

Here's a list I've found to help "clarify" trademarked patented names with cultivars and common names of Loropetalum:

ÂBlushÂÂalso known as: Razzleberri, Piroche Form, ÂDaybreakÂs FlameÂ

ÂZhuzhou FuchsiaÂÂalso known as: ÂPipaÂs RedÂ

Plum Delight Âalso known as: ÂHines PurpleleafÂ, ÂHines BurgundyÂ, PizzazzÂ
Loros with only one name: ÂBicolorÂ
Fire Dance
ÂPink PearlÂ
ÂSizzlin PinkÂ
ÂVariegated FormÂ

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Can anyone tell me how to take cuttings and grow them? I have 3 small shrubs and want to make more out of them. I am using them for their beauty and as a natural fencing around my hot tub. Thanks in advance!

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'purple pixie' is a small grower that gets 2.5-3' tall and 4-5' wide that looks just like the 'pizzaz' but slightly more compact.

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I'm new to this site, just today. I too am researching this plant/shrub. I am totally confused. I would like some clarification as to which of these shrubs is the lowest growing??

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