If you could grow any variegated form of a plant......

azngrnthumbsApril 18, 2002

what would it be??

Hello everyone,

As a fan of variegated plants, I could certainly say that we've been blessed with a wide assortment of sports/mutations to satisfy our neverending search for the rare and unusual.

Of all the variegated plants I've had the pleasure of growing, hearing about or seeing in books, there are still some plants I wish would come in a variegated form!

I agree, in my designer frame of mind, that variegation can be too much if overused. There's also the fact that variegated forms tend to be unstable and a little less vigorous. However, as a collector, I often wonder how much of a hype a certain plant would create if we added "variegata" to its name.

What would you think if the following plants came in a variegated form?

*Cardiocrinum giganteum (basal leaves could rival the finest variegated Hostas)

*Rheum palmatum (a variegated form may actually exist...hmm)

*Viola- Parma Violets. Cream splashed leaves w/ fully double, fragrant flowers early spring. (Variegated Violas are on the market....I'm just waiting for my Parmas to throw out a sport!)

*Paeonia suffrutricosa- a variegated tree peony!!

*Arisaema candidissimum - other Jack-in-the-Pulpits have thrown out silver centers and such. Why not this species too?!

*Magnolia grandiflora. An immense tree with splashes of variegation may be too much, but a gold leaf form may make a spectacular tree

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Wow, what a good question to get the brain going.
Let's see..... a variegated Ficus Alli, a variegated Tacca Chantrierei or Integrifolia, a variegated Medinilla Magnifica.... the list goes on. One that does exist (I think) is a variegated Coccoloba Uvifera, in my opinion one of the most striking variegates.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Photo Webpage

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LoraxDave(z7B Alabama)

Dirr's Manual mentions variegated forms of Southern Magnolia. I have never seen any available in nurseries.

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Indeed a great question. There are so many plants that I like that I would LOVE to see variegated. Where does one begin?
How about a variegated water hyacinth. I, like several others, believe that as prolific as this as there has to be one somewhere. I've also been told by a friend that this does indeed exist.
I love the following annuals and think they would be great variegated too: any Castor Bean, Balloonvine, Devil's Claw, any Hardshell Gourd, a hyacinth bean. I guess the only way that this might happen is to plant ALOT of seed and hope for that one seedling that will show some variegation.
Incidently I do know that there is a variegated Rhubarb (not sure which sp. I think it's the one you eat), I also think there is a variegated Magnolia grandiflora.
Well I'm sure there are many others plants which I would love to see variegated, perhaps I will think of those later. Rick

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Louisiana Nursery has offered variegated magnolias.

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Thanks for the responses! Hope to get more!

Trickster, there is a variegated castor bean plant (Manihot esculenta 'Variegata') that is spectacular!!!

Randyenglish, a variegated Tacca would be awesome! I love Medinilla magnifica back home in the Philippines, a variegated form...WOW!!

Ron, I've been meaning to the Louisiana Nursery catalog! Such great selections!

Thanks everyone!


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I have seen a variegated Castor Bean.... but a Manihot Esculenta variegata is a variegated Tapioca.

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Thanks for the correction Randy!

Wow, so many great variegated plants so far, right?!!


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VariegatedPlantNut(Z9 Tx)

Let's see! Variegated Philodendron Selloum, Variegated Eucalyptus, Variegated Roses, Variegated Magnolias, Variegated Plumerias all of these which i have. The list goes on and on.

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josie_z6b(z6b Philly)

Mmmmm... variegated lilac. Looks like something worth having for more than three weeks a year. Flowers still smell like a breath of heaven.

The idea is making me drool.

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Variegated Chamaedorea elegans (Neanthe bella). I think that would make a beautiful plant. I had two variegated leaves on mine for a while (white edges), but couldn't think how to propagate them. Finally, I tried to root a frond in water, but the end rotted. I don't even know if it's possible to root a frond, let alone a variegated one.

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Ravensrun65(z9b Volusia Co.)

What a wonderful topic!!! I agree 110% about hoping for some plants to be variegated.
FYI!!! There IS a very rare form of Tacca that IS variegated!!! Keep searching, I know that Shadyoaks here is looking for this particular Tacca. Please, let me know if you ever find a place to get seeds or plants of this form!!!
Happy Gardening,

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

Thanks you _Randyenglish_ for posting your link.

(And every one has a story)

My head is blown for the evening.
Cain't take no more.

Thanks everyone
for the imaginative adventure. whew.
Friday night's been good for me.
Glad I stayed home!

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Since they're so prolific, if I have to have Ruellia britonia and Mirabilis jalapa it would be nice if they were variegated. I'd looooooove to see a variegated oleander, too. Variegated Osmanthus fragrans would have summer interest here if it came in a variegated form the way O. heterophyllus does.

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randy_e(z9b FL)

Wow... I forgot all about this post, almost 2 years ago.
Since the beginning of this post I have aquired a variegated Sea Grape, unreal.
Nigella, the variegated Oleander is really nice... wanta cutting?

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chanrit(z11 Bangkok)

For Variegated Philodendron selloum, Variegated Eucalyptus and Variegated Plumeria, these plants are exist in Thailand, and they are extremly expensive here. For Plumeria we have about 10+ forms of variegations.

What I really want to see for variegated plant is any species of Staghorn fern, Platycerium spp.

The albomarginata of P. coronarium must be great!

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We have two new discoveries, a beautiful and vigorous variegated Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) and a variegated delphinium. The former is now in flower, and we're hoping for seeds that come true! I also found a variegated bay tree a couple of years ago - the variegation is white splashes which look lovely against the dark tone of the leaves.
I think I would like a variegation on any of my favourite plants, of which, like with everyone else, there are many. I think variegation looks best on a wider rather than on a thinner leaf, I suppose because it's more conspicuous.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

Variegated Ginko Biloba. Even Better it DOES EXIST!! Sadly I can only find non-American Nursery sources.


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Hi - new to the forums, but have been gardening for several years now. I have a shady back yard, and variegated Solomon's Seal looks great amid the solid hostas. Also have variegated petasites gigantea, a variegated porcelain vine (ampelopsis brevipedunculata), variegated lamium 'Hermann's Pride', variegated iris pallida, variegated liriope (yellow/green, and white/green), many variegated hosta (Frances Williams, Revolution, Remember Me, Night Before Xmas), variegated vinca, variegated ivy, variegated sedge, variegated morning glory foliage, several heucheras and hercherellas. That's the back yard.

In front, I have the variegated iris again, miscanthus 'morning light', and am growing a first year actinidia kolomitka (kiwi) which should eventually be pink, white, and green leaves.

I love the variegation to "punctuate" the sea of green.


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I always thought a variegated Paulownia would be nice. Might make growing the weed a little less guilt inducing.

Also, I've never understood why there aren't variegated turf grasses as lawn alternatives. Variegated mutations are showing up all the time. Everyone grows grass. Why not?

More variegated ferns. The variegated Boston is cool,but would like to see some that are hardy. And the shade is where variegation seems to shine the brightest.

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I made a discovery in my garden yesterday that immediately made me think of this post.

Check out the photo in the gallery.

Here is a link that might be useful: variegated Angelica archangelica

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hendy(USDA zone)

I found a ginkgo with a special leaf..
double leaves on a petiole..I am pretty interested to get the name of this cultivar.. I don't find this cultivar on the Ginkgo pages..

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I would love to see a variegated acanthus mollis, varigated astilbes, varigated morus bombycis unryu, variegated fescue (I might appreciate a lawn more).


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randy_e(z9b FL)

I forgot all about this post... Just getting back into the variegated plant collecting

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Interesting. Almost all of my house plants are variegated or another color besides green. I am just bored by plain green leaves.

The first thing that came to mind reading this was fig trees. They're everywhere here and those giant leaves would be so pretty variegated!

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alot of the things I would pick already come that way but there to expencive for me to get right now.

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