help save my wandering Jew

plantlover4April 16, 2006

I have had my wandering jew for almost a year now and it was doing so well for the longest time, with only minimal care, watering and light. Since I have moved and placed it in a new spot, one that doesnt get much direct light but isnt in a dark place at all, it has seemed to get worse. I just took off all of the dead leaves and stems and fed it and hope that it will start to thrive again, but summer is almost here and i know that they can be outdoor plants so should i keep it outside in the sun, or what should i do? its just getting slimmer and slimmer. please help my poor plant! Thanks!

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They really need as bright a light indoors as possible and full sun outdoors in summer. Love warm temps...I have one right under an incandescent 75-watt bulb which does well, another in south window. Excellent drainage is necessary. Water well then allow to dry a good bit before rewatering. It's best to underwater and lose a leaf than overwater which will cause root rot and the whole plant struggles and often dies.

Cuttings root quickly and easily...I just stick mine back in the pot to keep a full look and new plants coming on. As soon as the temps are consistently over 60 degrees at night put your plant outside in shade and after a few days move into sun. Take cuttings and start a second pot so next winter you can experiment a little with growing conditions without risk of losing your plant. (That's the very first thing I do with any new

I'd not use any fertilizer. Good light, warm temps and good water/drainage care will grow a sturdy healthy plant. Greenhouse growers use fertilizer but light, heat, humidity are vastly different than average home. Just my experience...but I think pushing a plant with fertilizer is often more harmful than helpful for most house plants. If at all, fertilizer should just be used for a healthy plant in early spring when new growth has started and plant is outside in best growing conditions.

Good luck...josh

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Hey thanks for the advice Josh. I already started to take some cuttings off and put them in water so that I could put them back in the plant and hopefully that will help its growth again. But I was always under the impression that they didnt like full light. I am starting to put it outside when its sunny so Im going to keep doing that and hope that it will thicken out again. Thanks again!

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Just to be absolutely sure we are talking about same family of plants, look thru these Google images and try and identify your plant. There are many plants called Wandering Jew, but as far as I remember, they all require same care. I'm afraid I leaped to conclusion you were referring to Tradescantia pallida, now renamed Setcreasea pallida , probably because I'd just been repotting some. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Wandering Jew Photos

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I have both varieties here, growing in my garden. They love the heat and the sun! If placed in a basket in the shade, they get 'stringy' and unattractive.

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Thanks for all the great info you have provided in this thread. I just bought a Wandering Jew and it is doing GREAT! It's my first time and thanks to you all I've been having great success. ~Winspirit

Here is a link that might be useful: My page

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