Leafless Ficus Alii

rikyrik(SE UK 8)April 16, 2013

Hi im after some advice about my poorly tree, ive had it afew years now and understand abit more why its a skeleton through researching, I need advice about growing the leaves back. Will the leaves grow on the exsisting bare twigs or should I trim the bare twigs completely off? New leaves seem to be on green supple twigs, any additional advice about growing leaves would be much appreciated.ÃÂ Thanks

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rikyrik, if I mentally rotate the image clockwise, the right side seems bereft of leaves.
Provided that the cause of leaf loss has been identified and corrected, I would start at the top of the main stem and gently scrape the bark to see if there is any green (living) tissue underneath. If there is none, I would repeat the exercise a few inches down at a time until I do find some green. I would then remove the dead portion. I would do the same for the lateral branches and cut away the dead portions.
Bright light and careful watering should induce new growth.

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rikyrik(SE UK 8)

Sorry for the pic I uploaded from my phone, ive done alot of trimming, nearly everthing with no growth was dead im going to move it this week hopfully.

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