where do I get rare coleus seeds?

saturn69April 11, 2006

hi I'm growing some rainbow mix but I want some more rare colorful coleus like stormy weather,saturn, or solar eclipse types.

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

Make sure the coleus you want to grow are available as seeds - many of the named varieties are only propagated vegetatively. Either they don't produce viable seed, or they don't come true from seed.

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Ebay has coleus seeds ...many private vendors..Sue

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If anyone in the NYC Metro area knows where to get any variety of coleus seeds, please post the location! I'd love to grow some from seed, I have three small plants already. I'm new to coleus (and plants in general) so I'm not sure what varieties they are, but one is a gorgeous scarlet color.

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As annebert said, the best, most colorful, and hardiest coleus are grown from cuttings only. Seed-grown varieties are always wanting to go to seed, and once they do, they die You have to pinch them constantly.

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I have been growing coleus from seed I have collected in the previous years garden. All of my seeds have done really well. Every time I buy a new different coleus from the ones I already own, I let the plant mature and then collect the seeds from the flowers. My coleus are beautiful. I have a lot of different seed and never bothered to get their proper names. I have seed for exchange if you should want any.

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Loretta NJ Z6

You might not get the best of the best but you can get something special. I enjoyed it a lot and haven't had any problem with collecting seed from the named coleus I purchased.

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