Amazing Color Parade: Part 3

najoba(8b)June 6, 2008


This daylily is my pride and joy!


This daylily is the picture of innocence. It was hybridized by Ethel Barfield Smith on what was my ancestors' plantation in Yazoo County, MS.


"Edith" is an incredibly beautiful daylily that just keeps on blooming. We are looking forward to having some beautiful seedlings from crosses with this cultivar.



It's really a very bright red, even though it looks a little orangey in the picture.

Hope you enjoy today's selections.


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i_c_dillies(7 NC)

I think I've just shorted out my keyboard with all the DROOL these pics produced!
These are gorgeous. Love NOT A BIT SHY.
I think that's the best pic of Evening Enchantment that I've ever seen. I think I'm NEEDIN' that one.
They are ALL just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.


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gonegardening(7 VA)

Really?? That's fascinating! Don't you just love special connections!

One of my very favorite daylilies is Yazoo Elsie Hintson! So, Smith, W.H. is Ethel Barfield Smith?

You know, this would make a great article for the journal or at least a regional newsletter, don't you think?

These are really good, by the way, and certainly live up to the title! Amazingly, I don't own any of these, so they are an especially nice treat to see. Like your bright seedling, too!

Is there more?? More! More! (hehe...just kidding with you!)

Thanks for showing these to us and sharing some interesting history.

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Nancy, I like all of these...but PARROT JUNGLE is fantastic!

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tahtah4now(4/5 maine)

I think I need to get Edith, boy shes pretty. I love them all. Your seedling is really pretty. Evening is outstanding!
Really like parrots green throat. They are beauties Nancy.


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Oh, Lrae, you are so funny! Thanks for the compliments!

gonegardening, I think W. H. Smith might be Ethel's husband or son. At any rate, all the "Yazoo" daylilies were from her daylily nursery at No Mistake Plantation near Satartia. From what I understand, she was the main hybridizer and moving force. Ethel and her husband both died, and the place exchanged hands several times after that. When I visited there several years ago, there were still daylilies growing there, but it's no longer a daylily farm. Time marches on.

See, I have been daylily-incapacitated for a month now, first with a broken foot, and now from a little accident which confines me to shade or indoors. I cannot pollinate or hunt for ripe seed pods, so there's not much I can do with my daylilies but play on the computer. I did catch a cloudy sky for a few minutes today and ran out and took some pics, but the sun came back out with a vengeance, so I beat a hasty retreat back into the shadows.

Oh yes, there's more daylilies, of course! I just thought it would be fun to upload a few at a time.

Thanks, Kathy. I just bought Parrot Jungle this spring. It just settled itself in right away and started blooming. I am so fascinated by the blossoms I cannot bring myself to pinch them off. It seems to be doing quite well, in spite of the heat and lack of rain.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Nancy, I have most of those except, NAS.. I have had PJ for a couple of years and it was very small when I got it BUT, I have a scape for the first time on it. I can't wait.. I love ES. She is one of my favorites. Thank you for showing us such lovely pix...Ellie

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farmerbell(6b TN)

Nancy, PARROT JUNGLE is a beauty! Soft and feminine. I am glad it is blooming so well as a newly planted one. Your other pics are great too, so please keep posting now that you have some time. Hope all your problems are gone soon. I like your seedling. It just shines on the petals and love that yellow throat.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Enchanted Evening is MY favorite out of all of them,but all of them are gorgeous.That first one is a bright one,,very pretty.


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I have a couple Yazoo cultivars, so it's interesting to hear the connection you have.

Parrot Jungle has been on my wish list for a while. Your photos are all beautiful.

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Parrot Jungle is sure colorful as are all your pictures. Thanks I enjoyed them very much.


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Great pictures Nancy! Thanks for sharing! :0)

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Your photos are great--Parrot Jungle has the greenest throat I've seen. Enjoyed these a lot!

Mike in SC, Zone 8

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