Caladium Shennanigans

Jen26(USDA zone 6/MO)April 5, 2004

I love caladium, and I'm trying to grow it from a bulb this year. Evidently, the bulbs need warm soil to sprout, SO, I've set my potted bulbs on a sheet of plastic over my electric blanket, with the blanket turned to high. Do you think this will have any effect whatsoever? I'm thinking of leaving them on the blanket for several hours during the day. (They will have to go to their own bed at night, I draw the line at sleeping with my plants.)

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Hi.......Bottom heat will definitely help inspire your caladium to sprout. Just be careful that the high heat doesn't dry out the soil too much, because they also like damp (not sopping) medium. You might check to see if a medium or even low setting will do the trick.

I have mine potted up, too, and sitting on a heating mat, trying to get an early start this year. I just planted them on Sunday, so am not expecting to see anything for another week or so.....Good luck!

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