Dying Coleus!

tholtz(6 Canada)May 30, 2006

Every Coleus I've planted this spring has either died or is dying. I've purchased one from Vandermeer and 8 from Price Chopper. One I planted in a container and the others in the ground in different places.

Is it possible that too much water will kill them? There isn't a coleus group hence no FAQ.

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If you keep them too wet, with no drainage, I suspect that is the problem. How is your luck with other plants?

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I have three and two are dropping leaves. Is this also a sign of too much water? Thanks.

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wolfkate(z10 FL)

Coleus love a lot of water, so it must be a drainage problem. Also, keep pinching off the flower spikes, and new leaves from time to time to thicken the plant.

Good Luck...

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You haven't moved them from shade to sun too fast, have you? If it's a watering problem, let the top of the soil completely dry before watering. Then check to see that excess water is draining out the bottom.
Coleus have no known disease or pest problems, except on occasion they can get mealy bugs, but those are obvious- looks like cotton on the underside of the leaves and stems.

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My Kong Coleus I'm afraid is dying also. All the big leaves fell off. There is only a black stem left and two wilted barley green leaves are left on it. Originally I had it in a small pot that had no drainage. It was kept indoors at cool temperatures so the soil was never getting dry. I decided to move it into full sun one day for the whole day and the big red a green leaves wilted by the end of the day. I then moved it back inside. I later re-potted the plant into a bigger pot with a drain hole and saucer and let it have low light indoors but it still continued to to wilt. Is there any chance it could grow healthy again??

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