Petit nigra figs, how big are your figs?

mersiepoo(6)October 4, 2012

Last year my petit nigra fig (potted) produced a small fig, pretty petit, I must say. This year, I started talking to it, lavishing it with love, petting and stroking its leaves, giving it fine wine. And wow, it really made some nice big figs for me! Is this normally how big they get?

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In the first year the tree did not have enough energy to make big figs in the second year the roots were established and the tree has enough energy. My petit nigra produced very small figs first year but sweet and mouth pleasing. The second year the figs on petir nigra was doubled in size I think the reason I thinned about one third of the little green figs so I guess the tree has to deal with limited number of figs. I am happy with that.

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Could you please tell me
where you have gotten this "Petit nigra fig"?
Did you buy it as a plant, or did you
grow it from a seed?

I've read that this little plant is only 2-3 feet high.
The tree looks so nice. I like the shape of the leaves.


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Never grow a fig tree from a seed because you get a tree which need pollination by the fig wasp who lives only in mediterrean climate. I bought the petite negri from ediblelandscaping

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does it really only grow 3 ft tall?

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Mine is about 8 feet tall. It's 12 years old. I've pruned it a few times, so it might be bigger if I let it grow bigger. I originally bought it from a mail order nursery in S. Carolina.

The 3 ft tall tree must be young and containerized. I have had them make figs at that size.

In the photo, the one whole black fig with sliced fig below it is a petite negri. The slightly lighter figs are Hardy Chicago. The light brown is a NOID that I think is Brunswick.

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I'm thinking to pot mine. Will I need to bring it inside if I do? I'm in 8b but this yr has been colder than usual with mid 20's for 2 weeks in a row. Is Petite Negri hardy enough for that?
Also any suggestions for potting mix that won't need fertilization too often?
Just got it from Raintree in a 1 gallon pot. Very small tree.
Thanks again.

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Im in zone 8b portland area. I've left potted PN outside for winter without problems. I suppose in a hard winter it could freeze to death but it hasn't happened to me.
I use general purpose organic potting mix. I imagine any standard mix would do fine.

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Thanks eukofios, Did you also get alot of below freezing temps this winter up there?

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Hi, yawiney:

If the tree is very small, I would bring the
little fig tree indoor to protect it from the cold.
As I've read from other fig members that when the tree
is too young/small, it may not be strong enough to
tolerate cold temperature.

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Yawiney, we get into the high teens for a week or two or three very winter. I had a eucalyptus and some opuntias that froze to death a few years ago. Figs survived.

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