How to prune these trees

johnparavOctober 17, 2010


I recently dug out these 2 trees and put them into pots. The new owner of the property is not into figs so they were going to let them go unsheltered this winter . The previous owner would bury the trees and they seemed to have winter damage in spots and not very vigorous growth with basically only 3 or 4 leaves on the ends of the branches but did produce figs . I cut them back to around half their original size for transport purposes already .

The first 2 pics are of one tree . The next 2 are of the other .

The first tree is about 8 feet tall and will not fit into my garage ( 7.5 foot tall garage ) . The problem is that all the lateral growth is up high so it will be even worse next year . If I cut it at the 3 foot height will it survive and make new branches from the main trunks ? Should I do it now or spring ?

The second tree is about 6 feet high and the shape is not bad but any pruning help would be appreciated .

Thanks ........ John

P.s this is my first post and I hope the link works...

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This may help a bit. If you cut them shorter they will survive and put out new growth next year. Do your cutting when they are dormant or just before you store them.

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Hi thisime

Thanks for the advice and placing the photos on the forum.


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