variegated maple

pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)May 29, 2003

My uncle worked at a nursery that bred a variegated sugar maple. He gave one to my dad- the other few that the nursery had went back to all green. My dad's maple gets a few green leaves at a time that he is quick to prune off of it, claiming that the whole thing will go green if he allows them to stay (they do show up in clusters). The tree is now maybe 25 years old, a bit small for a maple of that age, but otherwise healthy.

My uncle's other maples were not pruned thusly and all went green.

has anyone heard of such a leafing behavior?

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

it's actually very common, I believe, for variegated plants to try to 'revert' back to green. Less chlorophyll means the plant has to work harder to survive.

I have the variegated abutilon, 'Savitzii', and it's a slow grower and shy bloomer. One day I looked at it and a long branch of totally green leaves had appeared -- literally within a two week period, there were at least four or five leaves on it! I cut it off immediately, or it would have taken over in short order.

I also have a variegated hydrangea that over the winter, lost its leaves, got cut back, and is now growing back almost completely green. It's in competition with a vibernum right next to it and I think if it had remained variegated it would have not been able to 'stand up' to its neighbor!

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martina7(Vienna Austria)

i once read that if you feed a variegated plant too much it will turn green.

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