elizabethsarah(6)October 22, 2013

My grandfather passed a few years ago and also took excellent care and attention for his garden, particularly his figs and rhodys. Since he has passed, my grandmother has kept up with them, but not in the same way. She is giving me one of the fig trees to plant at my new house.

I was wondering when the best time to dig it up and transplant would be. Now in early fall? Wait til all the leaves have dropped? Early spring? Not sure! Just want to ensure it will move well and survive!

Second question is that the one I am taking has grown pretty leggy. How can I get it to form new growth at the bottom to get it bushier. Do I need to chop one of the legs all the way to the ground?

Thanks! Can't wait to hear from you guys!!

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I would not dig it out now as the fig tree is going dormant soon,
it will be too weak to establish itself in a new environment!

If the tree is small and in a colder climate, you need to winterize it by wrapping it with leaves. See other posts on this subject.

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