Figs drying up and falling off

dyochesOctober 7, 2012

I have two brown Turkey fig trees about three years old. Last year my dog chewed them down to the grown. They have recovered and producing lots of figs that are drying up prior to becoming ripe and falling off. I'm watering morning and evenings due to high temps this summer. The leaves are dark green and appear tough for a fig leaf. Any idea as to what he tree needs?

Thanks For Your Help.... I need a fig fix! David

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That fig look healthy and well taken care.
If you have the tree from someone that has the mother tree fruitting good edible fruits,and you know it for a fact,then you are doing something wrong and the tree lack something.
If you bought the trees from some nursery,that get them from obscure large Wholesale places,my opinion is you are doing everything right but is the genes of the plants that are not good.
In other words you have plants grown from seeds that aether need pollination to ripe fruits or,they are male caprifig plants that produces fruits that are inedible and full of dry pollen inside.
You need to study the dry fruits and reach a conclusion.

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