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deangreen(7b OK)June 12, 2012

both of these bloomed the other day, My Niche had it's first bloom, a very nice form and subtle color with green throat. the next one is a seedling that bloomed a few times last summer and doing better this year. It lacks the form of My Niche but has a really interesting green throat absolutely. also the tepals have a sort of yellow tone against the petals lavender? tint?... anyway, I went ahead and tried to cross the two, and then I also tried to cross this with Siloam Green Creek to see what I can get with a green throat again. ha

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Those are all very pretty,I like them.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

All three are very pretty. I'm a big fan of green throats. I really like the form of your seedling. The shape of the petals allows you to see more of the sepals which on this flower appear to be very well formed.

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Love the veining in the last one.

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Love green throats... very pretty trio of blooms

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shive(6b TN)

I think your seedling is much prettier than My Niche. I really like that form. Is it a bicolor? On my monitor the sepals look yellow. The green throat of Siloam Green Creek always grabs me.


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deangreen(7b OK)

thanks for the encouragement all!
deb, the sepals (sorry I misspelled that awfully in the post) show a hint of yellow and then fades like the petals but the petals hide that so that you only see the hint of yellow, if that makes sense. :) I was really excited to see this one last year and will be watching it again next summer to see if I can get some good scapes going in a clump and then count the buds etc etc and valuate it etc...
Siloam Green Creek is so great with such a bold green and yellow together, I take pics of each bloom and I don't know why I would need so many pics of it on my computer but ahh well. :)

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While all are nice, I find your seedling interesting and the pick of the three. To get such a lovely pastel bicolor was either due to great planning (in its parents) or great luck!

While your crosses should certainly keep (or intensify) the green throat, I'd like to see it crossed against some ruffled clear blue lavenders; it'd be nice to intensify the lavender petals a bit while keeping the yellow sepals.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Love the green throat on that last one.

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Love the soft colors on the first two. Good luck on your crosses.

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