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dieselerOctober 27, 2010

Have my smaller fig trees in shed protected from this nasty winds we been having that would damage the limbs knock them over etc.

The larger trees are fine and can handle the 40 to 60 mph gusts and are just about leafless as they endured frost of 34 and 28 and i was out today looking at them knocking off yellow leaves here and there and cutting some scion for auction .

I also moved some things in garage to make room so they actually fit in there with the 2 cars, 3 outboard motors, snow blower,freezer,recycle bin, gas cans, 2 door cabinet and various smaller items. Yes its a tight fit.

They will be going in garage in a few days. Most of the small first season ones will stay in shed until winds are fair come back out and eventually go in attic for the winter when its there time to do so.

This season was very good for my trees.

But it seemed to have went by so darn fast !


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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

You are 100 percent correct Martin, the season went too fast. But I must say it was a good season. My in ground Celeste produce it's first harvestable crop this year. We ate bunches of them fresh and put a few up to eat over winter. I got to taste Martins Unknown, Flanders, Mead, Marsielle Black VS, Strawberry, Osborn Proflic and even my own Richard's Uk (pretty sure it BT). I also got to taste, thanks to a friend, some Smith, Hunt, LSU Purple, and Strawberry. I also succeded in starting 46 different varieties that I hope to plant in the ground for further evaluation. The thing I missed most was the breba that fell off of my LSU (not). I will pay them more attention next year.

The best part of the season was all the nice on line friends I've made here and especially those I got to meet in person. I wish I could meet all of you. May everyone have a restful winter and may we all emerge in the spring with renew vigor just like our trees.

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