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daluca(6 Cle)October 5, 2011

this fig tree is losing it's leaves

I need to know how to prune it

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daluca(6 Cle)

Sorry........I was testing photos with text on the test page (so I thought) and it appeared on this forum. Anyway,I received this fig tree FREE from Craislist.
it is losing it's leaves and I plan on winterizing it in the garage.
Does the lower branch need to be removed? Should I prune it now or in the spring?Also why do the branches seem to weep or swoop down and then curl up? Is this normal for a fig tree?
The kind lady who gave it to me could not tell me to much about it.Her husband died in May and he was a master gardener with a greenhouse and many fig trees.


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The loss of leaves was probably due to some
recent (unfortunate) neglect (e.g., simple watering).

Nice weeping tree shape. Most figs grow upright.
I would leave it as-is for now and consider
pruning it in a much later time.

It is just about ready to be garage-wintered.

Come spring, either pot-up (score any circling roots),
or place on soil for roots to come out from drain holes.
Also give it some general plant-food in early spring (not now).

It should reward you with some fruit, whatever the (unkown) variety is...

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I agree with Georgie. I would also cut off all of the lowest branch except for about one foot, unless you like the look.

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daluca(6 Cle)

Thank you Gorgi and Ejp3 for your reply and advise. I will do what you recommended in the spring.
thank you......Dave

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Dave, The branches are coming off the main stem at almost 90 degrees and they are very weak. Breba figs forming on the ends of the branches will pull the branches down early in the season, as will main crop figs later, but the new growth will go up.

It's not a good idea to ID a fig tree without seeing the figs, but the unusual branch habit and leaves are consistent with Weeping Fig/Aldo/Corleone/Palermo Red.

If this is the tree you have, it will produce good crops with moderate pruning - just cut back or remove older branches now and then and root prune.

Weeping Fig bebas and main crop figs

The Resulting Tree

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