Fallopia japonica Variegata?

ArborBluffGirl(8)June 5, 2006

I recently purchased this plant and then realized it is a form of japanese knotweed. I've researched this entire website as well as searched the web and there are no real negative comments on this cultivar. One person has grown it for a few years and it's behaved well for her. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this plant as I don't want to create a monster.

Thanks Shari

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

I saw this in the ground at a nursery earlier this year, and it was definitely running. I'd put it in a container if you just have to have it. Sue

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patrick_nh(z4/5 NH)

I've tried it twice, both times within feet of where the invasive stuff had been growing for years. It was so well behaved for me that it never did take off, and I lost it both times.

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stonedigger(6b Boston)

A late answer to the above discussion, but here's my experience. I'm going into my sixth year of growing this plant and it has been very well contained, in spite of being planted directly into the ground. I've recommended it to many friends who have admired it, telling them that it is nothing like the species, in terms of invasiveness. Today I decided to dig up some plants that are shaded out when the knotweed grows out. In doing so, I found a shoot off the knotweed, about 3-4 feet from the main plant. I tried to convince myself that it just looked similar to the knotweed, but I'm pretty sure I'm just in denial. From what I've read in the hours since my discovery, the nurseries all say that the plant is not invasive and the gardeners all say that it is simply LESS invasive than the species. I hate to dig the plant out, but I'm concerned that I will eventually regret leaving it in. It fills in a large space very quickly, is beautiful in the shade, and is very low maintenance. Still, I'm going to try to be a grown-up and yank it (which is evidently not very easy). I'm not even going to compost it. I think that if I can make myself do this, I can give up chocolate, too.

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philipw2(7 MD/DC)

I have kept mine for about 10 years. I simply treated them like I treat mint: plant them in 5 gal pots I picked up in a dumpster behind the nursery. That way it has room to expand, but it can never get away from me. I have 2 and have moved them about the garden several times---another advantage of having it in a large pot.

I had a third one. It escaped from the cage. I yanked it.

Try the pots. 2 out of three fallopia agree.

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I love it when old posts surface again. I had this fallopia in a damp-ish well amended bed and it went crazy - runners everywhere and it attracted Japanese beetles by the hundreds - they just dripped off it. I finally took it out even tho I really liked the plant and found one runner that was about an inch in diameter -serious roots running for maybe 6 ft. I'd stick to a variegated dogwood or something like that myself

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I'd like to plant my newly purchased fallopia japonica variegata in a 5 gallon pot as suggested by philipW2 but the question is: should there be drainage holes in the pot? or will the runners "escape"

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that_other_sharon(z6--Heart of KS)

I've had mine in the garden going on 3 years, and last Fall was the first time I've noticed any runners. There were just a couple of sprouts that came up, and were easily controlled.

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