Fig observations from zone 7 NYC

ejp3(7NY)October 19, 2010

This was a very good year for figs here in my zone 7, some observations:

VDB Best tasting fig of the year for me

Naples white Med/large white fig with red interior, very good flavor, eye some what open which could be a problem

Paradisio Morle source. Its a brunswick type, which isn't the end of the world since there are decent Brunswick figs out there, just not this one

Lararolla My old reliable, large fig with great taste. Fig is 18 years old which helps it's flavor I assume.

Peters Honey Sweet fig not too large. May cut up for trading, anybody want to swap cuttings?

Goncha de Oro Morle source. Sweet small yellow figs, ripen early

Mary Lane (Jane) John Robin source. Very light yellow exterior, almost white, same color interior. Splits real bad, even without rain!

LSU Improved Celeste. John Robin source. Type with 5 lobed leaves. At least 3 times the size of any celeste I have grown. Eye a little more open than typical celeste. Taste was not great, but first year fruiting.

Pastilliere Beautiful fig shape, like a pumpkin but all but one fig dropped for no reasn. Herman may be right about it needing pollination.

Conadria Last few years I was looking to trade the entire plant. But this year outstanding. Med/large fig yellow exterior red interior, no cavity.

Native Black. Late ripener, open eye, large black fig. Taste was very good.

White genoa Belleclare source, late ripener, medium size green ripening exterior, thicker skin than most, blood red interior, great taste especially this year.

Persian white Large yellow fig red interior. Very good flavor. Ripens early for a large fig.

Many more others, just don't have the time right now to finish list.

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Hi ED,
i also have pastiliere, it grew well and also drop all but one fig and it was a tease cause of its taste.
I gave much thought after all i had another type that drop all figs for 4 straight seasons and 1 total ripe one.
I destroy tree in frustration but gave out just a few cuttings low and behold this person got ripe figs and zones are not much different just my winter is little colder but very similar growing season.
So i give pastilere more time although i have read good and bad about it.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)


Where did you get your Native Black?



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Noss. Durio nursery

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Cannot edit post but wanted to add Ed that VdB also tops here maybe next season or two something else may surpass it in my yard time will tell.

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