Fall bulbs

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 8, 2013

Very little selection in my area this year. Lowes has only one display rack (so far anyway), Walmart had the most varieties of tulips and daffs;but they are selling pre-designed "bulb gardens" more and more. That is, color coordinated varieties and "instant gardens". I rarely buy bulbs at Walmart but they had really good prices on some tulips.

The local Rural King has their usual bulb fare, most always the same ones - but good prices. And because you can buy individual varieties in bags of 7 - 25, I bought my daffs there and a bag of mixed tulips.

Even the nurseries have nothing special if anything at all. Yes the bulb catalogs sure are enticing but the shipping and handling ontop of the bulb prices makes me balk.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Over the years I have bought bulbs from on line catalogs and the results and prices are fine. In fact, the choices can be overwhelming.
Dave's Garden is a good place to get ideas.

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Local businesses here are cutting back on their stock due to having so many left over in previous years.

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I'm betting that's the reason in my area too troves. Especially tulips, I hear people saying all the time, "I don't plant tulips, the chipmunks and squirrels just eat them." As far as daffs, I remember when a person used to be able to buy big bags of 80 bulbs or more in the big box stores. But in recent years many times half the bulbs in the bags would be useless, dried up. Gardeners would recognize that being worthless and a waste of money. I even got so I'd mention it to store clerks or managers. They just looked at me. Most probably didn't even know what a daff bulb was suppose to look like.

Oh well, if we don't get a good soaker here soon I will have a hard time planting the bulbs I did buy.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I have been on the hunt for the new bulbs.

So far the only bulk ones I have seen are at HD and they do seem like nice fat ones. But I was hoping for a variety to plant and am just not seeing the larger bags that Costco used to offer.

I figure I have another couple of weeks to wait, but if nothing shows up, I am going to plant the HD sack and wait on next season.

It is not worth the extra cost for me to find them and ship, I am planting a small "field" area that I like to have that pop of spring color.

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Kippy, do you have a Rural King or other farm supply store near you?

Well, I planted 25 mixed daff bulbs today but found the ground very dry, even tho we had a good all day rain yesterday and this morning it rained twice. I went out between showers thinking it would be an ideal time. Only found two emaciated bulbs in the bag - that's better than usual.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Got order from coming from Dutch garden. Getting some bright red tulips .I use to have problem with moles. They dig tunnels-and voles used them to get to bulbs. Castor oil on cotton ball. No more of either.

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For some reason it seems a red tulip will return in the landscape year after year. I had some along the front of the house foundation I swear came up and bloomed for 20yrs! I may be exaggerating but I was always pleasantly surprised to seem them every Spring. After awhile only one or two came up and this Spring I didn't see any.

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Nancy zone 6

I can understand businesses order less bulbs to avoid having so many left over, but honestly, if they would get more varieties, I would buy more. I 'm not going to buy the same old thing every year.
I have one of those solitary red tulips, & one single yellow one. Different areas where I planted many years ago. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I saw the red one this year, but the yellow once bloomed.

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Walmart has, or had, a good deal on Day Dream tulips. Now I can't remember how many were in a pack but they were only $3.98 or something like that?

I see alot of bulbs sold as "Instant Gardens",too. Daffs, tulips, and hyacinths all in one bag. Then there are different color groupings sold together in a single bag. If you like the beautiful purple tulip, you have to buy all the rest.

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I bought several bags of tulip bulbs at Walmart a few days ago. Two bags of Red Impressions a bag of Mixed Darwin and a bag of Mixed Double bulbs. The bulbs look very nice. You can see them through the mesh bags. I forget the price but now I am waiting for cooler weather to plant them!

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

I swore I wasn't going to buy any bulbs this fall, but I strayed to a shop that usually has a fairly good selection. Well, this year not so much, but they did have large purple and white alliums for a decent price. Alas, I think with all the bags I bought I now have about 200 to plant! Well, it should surely be a show next year.

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