A peek at my garden and a couple of blooms

Julia NY(6)June 16, 2012

We've been so busy here but with the temps on the rise I thought to take some pics and show the before the blooms start coming fast. I like to look at the progression of the season. Hope you enjoy these.

Front gardens are slowing getting some decent foliage and scapes are every.

Upper garden looking back down the rows

This upper garden has been a work in progress as the weeds invaded the footpath around the beds so I decided to take action and nuke the paths with roundup.

Bee Balm is just starting to open and my lilies are as tall as the Bee Balm plant. Guess I'm going to have to make some adjustments come fall.

Heading on to the back where I've been spending alot of time fixing mistakes and getting ready to plant. I now have CLOWN PARADE (Thank you Kay) and I want it where I can enjoy it during my time on the patio.

One of my favorite combos is hyssop with coreopsis. I'm hoping to get some blanket flowers to start in here too.

Blanket Flower - Dazzler - has been great this year and I love the vibrant color. I have one planting in the back and one in the front upper garden. I planted those from seeds last year. Hope I get another year out of them.

Now for some daylily blooms :-)

ALL AMERICAN GIRL - Rice - new this year. Bloomed small on its FFO which I'm not surprised.I'm loving it and lots of buds and scapes to go yet.

OTTIS MAGIC - made it debute. Not bad for a FFO and its very big bloom. I've had this a couple of years already.

WEB OF INTRIGUE - one of my favorites for the eye pattern on it. I've counted over 24 scapes so a clump shot should be coming in the weeks ahead.

BLACK FATHOM DEPTHS - small bloom and short scape but it is new here so hopefully next year it goes its registered height otherwise I have to move it to a front location. I love the bloom color on this one. Thanks Kay and Cindy for being enablers LOL.

WHAT'S UP DOWN SOUTH and MEAN GREEN are still blooming here too. Seedling beds are full of scapes from the 2010 and 2011 plantings. Can't wait to see what comes up this year.

I'll close with a pic of my never ending garden projects. I demolished an old bed I had in the back.Hooked up the tiller to the tractor (no easy task) and retilled the entire bed. This will become a flower and vegetable garden. I would estimate it is about 30 -40 ft long. I'll have a path dividing the two sections. I didn't do a veggie garden this year and the one I usually use I have other plans for.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Your yard looks wonderful and it looks like you have plenty of room for daylilies. Love the blue and yellow combination. The daylilies all look good, but I have to pick Black Fathom Depths as my favorite. It is such a fabulous performer.
Your pergola looks so inviting.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I just love all the yard and garden pictures. Your place looks so nice. I just kept looking and looking and going back to look at all your views. I love your setting.

Now around your garden I see taller grass areas that look like fields. Is that a farm around you? I love rural, but unfortunatly not very rural around here.

I really love the newly plowed to be veggie area. Yes, plant lots of veggies as you now have lots of room.

WEB OF INTRIGUE and BLACK FATHOM DEPTHS tie for my favorite. Both are real beauties.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I think it looks as though you have been very busy. I love the patio where you go to rest and watch Clown Parade!! My favorite of the bunch is Black Fathom Depths also. Very nice!! Ellie

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I really like the color on the trellis trim and chairs. OM looks like it was worth the wait and 24 scapes on WI is a lot of scapes.

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shive(6b TN)

Julia - I always envy how much space you have. Things are looking great, and I know you will enjoy that patio so much this summer. Web of Intrigue is just gorgeous. I can't imagine 24 scapes. That will be some clump shot.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, you certainly have lots of room for flowers and vegies, too. bet the deer love it too.LOve all your daylilies and especially WEB OF INTRIGUE.


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You have a wonderful porch from which to view the garden and stay cool; and now you have the patio as well. I too envy the space! I like the bitone--or is it bicolor?--of All American Girl.

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Julia NY(6)

The fields around us are ours. We've been waiting for the person to come in and cut the fields down and bale which I hope is soon. I need to take down the rear temporary fencing and either replace or repair it but not till they finish.

The patio is one of my favorite places. I made a shade cover for the pergola this spring so when I need a break from the sun, I can sit down and relax a bit. The front porch is great when working in the front gardens. Take a break and cool off or just sit and admire the blooms. We always seem to have a breeze here but being in full sun can wear you down.

ALL AMERICAN GIRL is a bitone. I always get confused with the bicolor and bitone too.

Thanks for all the comments. I'm hoping the blooms take their time as I really want to enjoy the colorful display and give me time to finish other projects.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

WOW, I would KILL to have that much space and flat pasture land!!!! I had nothing but woods when I moved here 26 yrs. ago and every garden has been a major pain in the @#$ because I have to make raised beds and there are still too many trees and not enough sun. So I am green with envy looking at your pictures. You have a wonderful place and it is beautiful. That patio is just divine. My favorite daylily is Web of Intrigue.


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deangreen(7b OK)

I think we're all going to envy the room you have for gardens! nice photos, what a wonderful looking bazebo. I like that dark colors and hue of balck fathom dpeths..

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Julia NY(6)

Celeste: The property was fields and vineyards when we bought it. Unfortunately the vineyards had to go so all the vines, poles and wire had to come out. 10 acres worth. The house now sits on part of the old vineyard. The soil isn't the greatest so I always have to bring in garden soil to raise the beds up a bit.

deangreen: I love this place for its location and open spaces not to mention all the wineries in the area. However, more space equals more gardens means more maintenance. LOL.


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Cindy zone 6a

Such wonderful wide open spaces!!! Love your pergola, it was part of my inspiration to put up a pergola, rather than any other type of 'roof' on my deck. I love Web of Intrique, and Black Fathom Depths will grow into it's height, mine did!!!

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Julia NY(6)

Cindy: Thanks for letting me know about BFD. I was concerned with the height but if it does get to the registered height it should be okay where I planted it.

I still found with the pergola here that I needed additional shade so I made a shade cloth for the top that is easily taken off and put on. Partially visible in the last photo.


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Wow, what a beautiful space you have created. Love your patio and love love, BLACK FATHOM DEPTHS. sharon

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Julia NY(6)

Thank you Sharon. Yes, BFD is a beauty. Can't wait to have it bloom in a clump.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I just love that setting you have. The gardens around the house and then the fields all around. Plus a lovely porch and patio to sit out on and enjoy all those views. Really lovely!

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Julia NY(6)

Thank you Rita. So hot and muggy here today and tomorrow will be worse. Odd thing is we had rain around 4:30am for about an hour with thunder and then it got so humid/muggy. I guess the next couple of days will be limited garden time till the weather breaks again.


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njmomma(z6 NJ)

Wow! Love all the pics! Just one question - how do you keep the deer out?

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Julia NY(6)

njmomma: We have fencing (not the best) around most of the area around the gardens but the deer tend to stay out in the fields. It is the fawns who tend to roam in when they are running around like dogs playing. I suspect we have a pregnant doe that has been roaming the fields lately by herself. Time will tell.


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You have a beautiful place and your gardens seem to be coming along nicely. Web of Intrigue is my favorite of the daylilies.

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