new coleus plant

gardengurl49(z7 MD)June 17, 2005

I just bought a coleus hybridus "kong" that is supposed to be poisonus?

I was wondering how to treat poisonus plants.. can you not touch it?

and a leaf fell off so I'm hoping to make a new plant out of it.. but it is only one leaf and it is pretty small.. what can I do to help it root?

thanks :)

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Garden, actually all Coleus are toxic, especially the seeds..Ppl actually use them to get high..It's a hallucinagenic. Don't worry about touching the leaves, but after handling wash hands to be on the safe side..I know how u feel because I'm many toxic plants...
If you had a stem w/the leaf you could root it, but one leaf will not root unlike a begonia..You need at least a 3" stem, set in water, and in a 5-10 days you should have roots..Toni

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Toni, are you sure about coleus being toxic? I've read that you have to eat about 70 leaves or so to get a small high, which seems to be mainly visual disturbance, probably associated with indigestion. But I see on the www that they are an ingredient in some Indian foods, along with other labiate relatives.

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*Sounds* like they are like pointsettia plants, it's a myth they are poisonous, they may cause upset stomach IF you eat a LOT of leaves but that's about it.


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username_5(banned for no reason)

Ever notice that many 'toxic' plants just get a person high? I cracked up watching a news sotry recently. Some local kids were eating moon flower seeds and the news talked about how ill the kids got and how they had to be rushed to the hospital.

Well, the symptoms of the kid's illness were that they were hallucinating and were stoned out of their minds. LOL, I think that is what the kids were trying to do.

Hot peppers are listed as toxic as well. Symptoms are burning sensation in the mouth, strong eye irritant and can cause diarehha.

Not making light of the toxicity of plants, just that the list of plants considered toxic really needs to be refined to match what the average person would consider toxic.

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Marg, maybe toxic isn't the right word, even though according to bird magazines, Coleus is one plant that's considered toxic to birds..
As for people, (and I know someone who did this to get high) they boil the Coleus seeds, then drink it like one would tea..It is a hallucinogenic..
Why anyone would want to see something that's not there is beyond me...I think it's scary..
Poinettia is a fact a Chicago newsman ate a leaf on the air to proove the point when the U of Ohio announced Poins were harmess..
Then again, I think it depends on different factors..For instance, my friend had 4 kittens who were shipped off to Tx..all beautiful, white, long haired cuties..they somehow got into a Poinettia, and all I really can't say..I surely wouldn't let my birds near one.
Jimson weed is another 'Acid high.' They grow wild here in IL..A few yrs back, a couple kids died after injesting whatever part of the plant..One boy is now crippled..It's very dangerous..and all for a buzz..I don't get it..

As for the Coleus, I wouldn't worry too much about handling the leaves, but if you are, after touching wash hands..There are a good number of plants I wouldn't touch then handle food/pets..Toni

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Coleus does best in well drained, nutrient rich soil. It can go up to 24", tho some over 3 feet have been cultivated. by far the largest is the "Kong" specimen. Temperatures should not fall below 45F (8C) and not over 90F (32C). Ideal temperature is between 60 (15)and 80F (26C) in partial to full shade. It can tolerate full sun if well adapted and taken care of, but the leaves will lose much of the vibrant, dark, coloring.

As far as toxicity goes, there is little research on humans and coleus. Also i haven't found any evidence they are toxic to birds (which usually wont bother your plant anyways, especially since it almost never seeds). check this site out:

also, coleus is a mild hallucinogen/ sedative. it produces considerably slight visualizations, and almost no impairment. rather, its more like an extremely weak opiate in that it causes a relaxed sensation, less cares about the world, and a general sense of well being. I can back that by personal experience. Coleus does not show up on drug test.

It history is somewhat interesting as well. In Oaxaca, Mexico, an indigenous tribe uses it as a substitute or in conjunction with salvia divinorum. Interestingly, like salvia d, coleus also has a hollow square stem, and has the same temperate and light preferences, hinting a possible genetic cousin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Erowid Coleus Vault

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