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deangreen(7b OK)June 22, 2012

I was at the Topgun's nursery this morning and took a picture of this double daylily, probably a tetraploid, I really like the full peony type doubles. next is a picture I took of an Echinacea that I thought had a nice yellow. I came home with a few sedum, hydrangeas, and japanese painted fern. ha

I'm not sure if I posted these blooms yet. both were open today, the first is Siloam Ethel Smith and the last one is Siloam Elfin's Jewel. I don't really like S. Ethel Smith but because it's a siloam I have it. also I like it 'cause it blooms late and adds color to the garden when everything else has bloomed. : S. Elfin Jewel I have put on a few other patterned mini's and look forward to seeing what it might do...I"m not in love with this one's colors anyway, kind of a weird pair up and pale..but I think if you got some different colors or patterns in there could be really interesting. that reminds me I want the daylily Jason Salter, a big pale sort of eye but it's very catching.

and last just a few yard shots.. the north bed again - I took this pic because of the red coleus and the perilla together with some blooms in back. I have S. Queen Bee all over the garden just for a little punch of orange here and there... last pic show the Arkansas Amsonia in the front bed. really like the textures of this...you might notice the Siloam Sunburst in front and the Siloam Andrew Trotter behind. :)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Lovely garden beds and great garden shots. I have never seen a yellow coneflower before. Siloam Ethel Smith is my favorite, what a beauty!

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Siloam Ethel Smith is beautiful. I used to grow many more of the Siloams, and I have no idea what happened to them.

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Lovely garden shots! I especially like the North bed. My DH would sure appreciate that one, he complains that here it is daylilies-daylilies and daylilies again :) And I don't have that many!, it's just a small yard.
My favorite is Siloam Ethel Smith! Mine had several scapes but they all dried out. I like that one the most when it opens several flowers at once.

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