Ming Aralia shattering

igluvr_522June 21, 2006

Hi, my Ming, which has been in the same SE facing window and doing well over the winter, is starting to have leaves (old and new) turn yellow. What could be casuing this? I water 1x per week and feed 1x every 2wks using liquid miracle gro. The level of light it gets from this window has not changed, but may be more concentrated with summer or is it too hot?

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Sounds like possibly too much heat and light through window. Mine do best with medium light/ average room temps (about 74 degrees F in summer with airconditioning) and foliage is a deeper green which I prefer. Mine too though are now losing a few older leaves...it's just natural though, as new growth appears, for the older leaves to yellow. I just run my fingers through the branches to remove dying foliage.

A monthly (or as often as can be managed) shower of complete plant helps keep dust-free, pest-free too. I don't use fertilizer but I've read that if used you also need to flood soil on a regular basis to avoid buildup in soil. If it's just the older leaves and new growth is still appearing, I wouldn't worry. Just move back from window or to side to see if that helps.

One other thought: in winter resting-mode less water is needed than when new growth is in full swing in spring/summer. Good luck, hope some of these thoughts help. josh

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