First bulb purchase for Fall

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 18, 2011

The local RKO farm store had bags of 12ea. scilla siberica bulbs on sale for $1.99; I bought 21 bags, all that was in the bin. That comes to 252 bulbs (give or take because there are always some bad bulbs in those bags). I decided I might as well buy now at that price. They will be planted with established chiodoxia (sp?), altho I know the foliage and height won't be quite the same, the blue will be just as pretty.

Next month I'll be looking for sales on end of season daffs. In my area, the big box stores put them out early and just as quickly put them on the clearance racks.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

I love those little scilla, they smell like grape soda to me! Lol.

I'm kind of "over" bulbs this year. This past spring several of my tulip clumps were not as impressive, one of the two $8 Fritillaria (sp?) imperialis I bought last fall didn't come up, and the checkered Fritillaria didn't come up at all either. My Allium schubertii didn't bloom (second year), and the 'Purple Sensation' Allium seem to be gone completely. Plus the most $$ tulips I got were U.G.L.Y in my opinion, even though lots of people liked them.

So I am a bit disenchanted with bulbs this year. If I DO get any I only want ones I know do well here and are good naturalizers. Maybe more grape hyacinth and other kinds/colors of Glory of the Snow. Oh yeah, and some other kinds of the summer flowering Brodiaea. I have B. laxa 'Queen Fabiola' and they are spectacular and do stellar here (they SHOULD, since they are native to my region, LOL!)

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Yes, tulips can be so disappointing. Seems I never get the color promised, so I don't buy many at all anymore either. Aliums I do have luck with. Daffodils always do well, and I love to use them to naturalize; but then I have to remind myself that wherever I plant them I will be unable to mow all summer. Wish they would multiply more,too.

I doubt I will buy any more bulbs this year except the daffodils.

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Oh, that's exciting, especially that you can plant in huge amounts of little bulbs!
In Toronto, I used to live near an area where some people had Scilla massed in their lawns, so the entire lawn was blue in spring for a week or two and it was beautiful!!
I also had no fritalleria come up and I was sorry as I was really looking forward to their "wow" factor.
I didn't get any this year, but I'd love to try the pink muscari and also "Ocean Magic"

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I bought one package of white tulips to set out in the White Garden. That's my limit this year.

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I don't have the drive this year like you do schoolhouse to plant that many little bulbs, but I can't wait to see them bloom next spring. Gonna be just gorgeous! Monet's palette comes to the schoolhouse once again. :)

So, where are they going to be set? I picture them in a sweep across your hill or through the orchard. Or maybe around your paved areas and topiary shrubberies.

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Hi, Annie. I'm going to plant the scilla in or on the edges of the Privet Arch, aka Hedge Tunnel. Do you like the name change? In Victoria Magazine I saw a photo of some trees grown as an alee' but arched over and they called it a "Laburnum Arch". I think that sounds much more romantic! So from now on it's "The Privet Arch".

Today would have been a great day to plant them, as it has rained for the last two days and the soil is soft and semi-moist. I did plant two starts of Zebra Grass along the property line, but only one shovel deep and the ground is as dry as a bone.

I really like white tulips, thanks for the idea. I think I'll look for some.

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Oh yes. I love your Privet Arch. They will be glorious there. And yes, I like the new name. :)

I think white Tulips are so elegant, whether in a garden or in a vase. They don't need any other flower with them.
I have some out in the North garden but wanted some in the White Garden too.

Post pics as soon as you can.

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At least as far as spring bulbs go, I'm an optimist at heart but not a foolish one.
So reluctantly, all I'm spending my money on this year are more muscari and giant allium.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

"I doubt I will buy any more bulbs this year except the daffodils."

How many folks have uttered those famous last words! I must say that three or four times during bulb planting time. I just keep getting sucked back into buying more.

But, this year I ordered a bunch of packs of B. laxa 'Queen Fabiola' (CMK turned me on to these). Seriously, for anyone who doesn't have them, get some! They are gorgeous, bloom later and aren't too expensive. They were one of my favorites in the garden this year which is why I ordered 120 more to put in.

So, my famous last words this year are "I'm only planting the Queen and that's it! I'm bulbed out after last year."
Again, I'm sure I'll stumble into a box store or somewhere else where there's a juicy sale on tulips that the squirrels will surely devour and somehow bags and bags will wind up in my cart. It really is hopeless.....

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Tyme ~ I am totally a spring bulb addict too! Oh heck, I am the best plant addict I know! I mean , this has just become an art for me! Anyway,what I was saying before my ADHD took over, was that I purchase so many tulips every year to feed the squirrels! The little brats are already fighting the jays and maggies for peanuts and sunflower seed heads! Alvin, Theodore and Simon are out there every morning chattering at my window to bring FOOD! I gotta start planting in the back yard where the dogs are!

This year I have ordered Andre Rieu tulips for my dad's memory garden. Dad is still with us but he loves Andre Rieu and so do I. The tulips are a beautful pink, my favorite color. Hopefully they will act perennial. Einstein Daffs for my memory garden....I'm hoping he will inspire me to develop a memory! And lots of other mixed bulbs and tulips for still other menu choices for the squirrels. They dine on the finest cuisine around here! I still have lots of tulips and allium that come up in the back 40, sometimes even before the thistles! :)

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You are too funny honalee!
Love it!

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