Candy Cane zinnia from last year's seed

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 11, 2011

Not sure if you remember, but I complained two years in a row that blooms from packs of Candy Cane (red/white striped) zinnias did not fulfill. Last year I got mostly solid reds. I saved seed last Fall, labeled it "Red Zinnia", planted them this late Spring. Here's the results. Unusual, but pretty. The photos are a bit blurry.

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OOOOh, !!! Schoolhouse, honestly, I really like that! It looks like it belongs in the MOMA and I love the solid splotch :)

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How unique!

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Love it!! Looks gorgeously bizarre! Did you get many comments on it? I hope someday I'll find the time to grow annuals.

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They are soo cute! I love Zinnia's of all kinds and always try to have some every summer. The goldfinches love the seeds too so they are great even when the flowers fade.

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Nancy zone 6

I was wondering how seeds from the candy canes would do. I planted seeds this spring, some blooms were good, others were just orange zinnias. I'll save some seeds & see what happens.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That's one rockin cool flower! Wow!!! It it just one plant doing that? It looks like there are 2 plain "white" flowers in the top pic also.

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