What are some great foilage plants for Zone 5?

woodyswife(z5 OH)June 29, 2003

I'm looking for more plants that have neat foilage. I've got Huechera Can-Can, Husker's Red, Heuchera Bressingham, Autumn Joy Sedum, Platycodon. I also like the foilage of my Dianthus Helen, Armeria, and Laura Phlox. Some of the plants that get ratty looking either after bloom or because of insects or heat are Black-eyed Susans, Stella De'oro, Maltese Cross, Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower. I am debating on adding Becky Shasta Daises--the foilage looks great on the plants at the garden centers--just wondering if it stays nice. I want to add more great foilage plants for interest and to hide foilage of ratty looking plants. I've been looking for Baptisia Australis for several years to no avail--tried to start some from seed but no luck with that yet--will try winter sowing this year.

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loniesmom(z5 (6?) NE OH)

I got a super Baptisia Australis at Hirt's Greenhouse in Strongsville and I've also seen them sporadically at Maria Gardens (Several NE OH locations) but I don't think they do online orders. My Shasta Daisies ('Alaska') are semi-evergreen even at the treelawn in the rocky clay. They do need to be cut down pretty hard just as they finish blooming otherwise they flop pretty hard but the foliage is like iron. They also reliably re-bloom most of the season, but never as profusely as the first bloom. Sweet Woodruff has a nice fluffy look to it most of the season and hides my spring bulb foliage, but in the late fall it looks just terrible; don't know how long you're looking for the foliage to last. For somewhat damp areas I like Ligularia (to hide the Solomon's Seal). Surprisingly, my bearded Iris foliage stayed green most of last winter. Are you looking for sun, shade or a mix?

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woodyswife(z5 OH)

Thanks for your suggestions. If I ever get by Hirt's I'll check on the Baptisia. I've decided to go ahead and plant the shasta daisies--some seed and also plants if I can still find them. I'm also going to check out the Sweet Woodruff. I've got places I want to fill with perennials that are sunny, shady, and partial shade. I like to find out what other gardeners think of different plants before I plant something I may regret. Thanks.

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Coleus4me(Z5 WI)

I'm always looking for foilage plants--they're near to my favorites!!! Just picked up a spectacular one from plant land- Milwaukee Zone 5 it's called Brunnera Varigata Heart shaped bumpy leaves with wide white eratic borders center-- light green 18-24 inches tall partial sun or shade dry or moist conditions also gets sprays of sky blue flowers which I haven't seen yet. I have several other excellent foilage plants--unfortunately, the tags are in the shed and it's raining out-- I'll follow up w/ you though--have other great ones for sun & shade-- Another one i can think of is the varigated Jacobs Ladder beautiful-- more ferny like leaves w/ purple flowers These are perennials-- You could always use sun or shade coleus annuals here, for instant color!! I'll be back with the rest of the names--

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I love Persicaria "Red Dragon", Russian Sage, most any artemesia (Silver Brocade is my new favorite, variegated phlox, and verbena bonairiensis. The Verbena isn't truly a foliage plant, but it's structure is very nice in the garden, the blooms are very small.



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Coleus4me(Z5 WI)

Coleus4me back w/ some more great foilage perennials-- I ahve two different types of Persicaria (Fleeceflower) Red Dragon sun to part sun 24 inches tall spread 18-24 inches red pointy leaves w/ purple chevron in the center lined w/ silvering seems to grow in a branchy looking bush--a real eye catcher Also a Persicaria Lance Corporal same conditions as above but leaves are lime green with a rust colored chevron-- Also, White Sage Artemisia Valerie Finnis sun/part shade broad-leaved silvery white 18-24 in. tall blue, pink, and red flowering. Really pops!! Lastly, Heliopsis Loraine Sunshine Ht. 30" full sun to part shade Variegated leaves white w/ green veins golden yellow daisy-like flowers sturdy stems Definite must haves for the leaf lover!! Hope these helped

Happy planting


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woodyswife(z5 OH)

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I must check out the Loraine Sunshine--I have Summer Sun Heliopsis and it is very nice looking this year. I was at my mom's yesterday and her gardens look like paradise--I wish I'd had a camera. I think she had hundreds of lilies blooming with purple cone flowers poking out from the foilage and shastas, platycodon, black-eyed susans and much more. She said she was amazed and figured it was from all the rain we'd been getting. She said she will be dividing early this fall because things are packed in too tightly, so I will be getting enough starts to start a new bed myself.

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

This may be stating the obvious, but I must say ferns.

Bergenia cordifolia is a nice, bright green color that turns red, then maroon in winter, retaining the maroon leaves.

Dianthus 'bath's pink' is evergreen (silvery green, really.)

Sooo many sedums with interesting leaves, in pink, purple, green with pink edges, variegated, red, yellow.

Thalictrum looks like giant columbine with spiky flowers, 3-6 ft. tall.

Lychnis coronaria (rose campion) has fuzzy, white leaves.

Astilbes have nice, ferny-looking leaves. Bleeding hearts, the latin name eludes me right now, have similar foliage.

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Jacob's Ladder "Purple Rain" A really beauty.


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