Parthenocissus quinquefolia - Virginia Creeper

acoustics4me(9b)July 26, 2013

Hi there :-)

I have a cutting off the aforementioned plant but before I plant it in my garden, I'd like to know specifically how it is deemed invasive. Is it invasive via its root system or via its foliage growth? And what has been other growers'experiences with the invasiveness of this plant?

Thanks so much. I look forward to reading your replies.

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I have this plant, beautiful fall color. Birds love the berries. But it's very invasive here. I planted it on a fence and it looks really nice but it started to grow out into the lawn and even popped up in the flower beds. Any piece that is pulled up and tossed out will root. Just be careful where you plant it. Marg

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Hi, Marg. Thanks for the reply. When you say it has popped up in the flower beds, do you mean that the roots have travelled underground and then come to the surface in your flower beds and started growing or that the growth above ground has crept over there and rooted there?

I have a friend, from whom I got the cutting, who has it growing over her 5000 gallon water tank. It has completely covered the tank and the top growth tries to grow further, but she keeps trimming the growth back to keep it in its boundaries. The roots, however, stay underground and she said they don't pop up anywhere. But I am still a little cautious. :-)

Thanks again, Mary, and I look forward to your reply. In in zone 10, btw, if that makes any difference??

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I love the plant for the reasons I have mentioned. The pieces that popped up in flower beds were obviously dropped there after birds ate the seeds and then pooped when flying over. When I pulled them out, they came away very easily. It does also root by runners, just make sure you keep them trimmed. When they root by runners in the lawn I just mow them, I tried pulling but a small piece of root remained and more grew so I choose to cut.

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Hi, Marric (don't know where I got Marg from!)

Thanks for the further information. From your description, it sounds to me to be fairly easily controllable (in a smaller garden, at least). I don't mind pulling out young seedlings. My fear would have been if it were the roots that travelled underground and popped up everywhere, like the climber jasmine does in our climate. You have allayed my fears!... lol. Thanks again.

Me :-)

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It's only a problem if you ignore it for a year or two (before rouging out)...or so it is for us, where it's native.

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