A few Seedlings !

mizellie(z7 Al)June 12, 2012

The first pic is a new first year bloom and I was impressed with the size and light ruffles. Seems a lot of my recent seedlings are a neutral color but I like it and hope you do also.. Ellie

This one is among my very first crosses. Not exceptional but I like it in the clump..

This is Dat. He's 2 months old and is hunting...something..

This is the spider/uf I posted last year that I liked so well. It has 4 way branching, 16 buds and I am waiting for this baby to open. Tomorrow..maybe..

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Nancy zone 6

I love the color on the tropical RomancexChance Enc seedlings. I like the spiders too. When did you get Dat? He's a cutie, looks like mischief afoot :)

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

The Bob Cros x Heavenly Curls is my very favorite. Nice group. Dat is a cutie.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

ngraham, I have 2 Chance Encounter seedling. The same cross but different daylilies. I like them both. I've had Dis and Dat about a month. Sister and brother that have to be fixed soon. I am going to get another one as soon as they are old enough to wean. I will name that one Dother. So it will be Dis, Dat and Dother. Silly huh?

Thank you Val. That dl is a first year baby so I don't know what to expect next year!

Thanx gals...Ellie

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Dat cat is a cutie. Cpouldn't resist. I like your first two seedlings, and the red one, of course.

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shive(6b TN)

Ellie - I'm envious of all the nice edges you get on your round, ruffled seedlings. My favorite round one is the unknown from Motes. I like the roundness of the bloom, the chubby sepals, the edges and the pink pearlescent color. It really looks like a winner. I'm amazed that it came out of Motes. Your UFs are really amazing. The Platinum Palace seedling looks very white! Seedling Bob Cross X Heavenly Curls has a very unique look. I can't think of anything else like it. Great form, with sweet soft yellow color and attractive subtle patterned eye. Looks like a winner!


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My pick is Peach Candy x Sabine Bauer. I love wire rim edges and that particular color combination.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Dat is a cutie, how long have you had him? All your seedlings are pretty as usual.

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You always have gorgeous seedlings and welcome to Dat he is a handsome young man and looks like he will be a big help in the garden.

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I like all of your seedlings but my favorite one has to be the Sabine Baur seedling. I like the yellow double to. Is that one of your seedlings? The Dottie Warrell seedling is very nice to. The picture of Dat on the tree stump is very cute. Marg

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shive(6b TN)

I forgot to comment on the cat photo. Dat is a very serious little hunter. That tree stump must be like a jungle gym for him. He looks like a real sweetie!


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Kat, I couldn't get a photo of Dis. I will post that later. I knew you would like the When I Dream Seedling cause it's RED...

Debra, the seedling Pla Pal X Pin Whis X Heav Ang Ice is really that white in my garden. I really like it. The motes seedling I think is a beauty. I will shift it this year. I have a lot of unknowns in the motes because my dh plowed the markers up... LOL!!

polymerous, she is one of my favorite seedlings. She usually recurves and is pretty then but I really like to see the contrast with the edge showing.

Rita, I have had him and his sister about a month. Dis and Dat. hehehe!!

Linda, he's is always with me. The female, not so much but Dat is already a great guard cat...

Marg, the double is mine too. Yellow is my husbands favorite color as is that particular daylily. The Dottie Warrell Seedling is the only one I have posted that isn't mine...

Debra, it is a favorite spot for both of the kitten's. It's a cedar stump that my nephew started carving and quit in the middle..

Thanx Folks for your input!! Ellie

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