Variegated Algerian Ivy

artiste312July 6, 2008

I recently purchased a variegated Algerian ivy. I was assured it would be fine in a spot that receives morning and early afternoon sun. After only a week or so, it has white, faded patches on many of its leaves. Too much hot sun?

Thanks for any help!


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Probably by now it has started putting out new leaves adapted to your conditions. Might have been grown in cooler or shadier conditions but will adapt. I grow this Ivy in full sun down in AL so your part sun location should be fine. After new leaves appear the old ones can be removed or you can just let them fade away. josh

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Hi. I just wanted to find out how your algerian ivy is doing. I got my plant about 3 weeks ago and can't seem to know what it likes. It's going through the same phase you described. If your plant is doing better, I'd appreciate if you could share what you did.

Also, would you know if the algerian ivy likes moist soil or should the soil be allowed to dry out before the next watering? I tried to search but got conflicting results.


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I'd say on the drier side...I've read it's often used as highway median planting in CA and so it's tough. I give it same treatment as Hedera helix vines. Water deep and thoroughly then let it dry out a good bit. I use this as groundcover and also grow in pots outside here in zone 8a.
If it gets too dry you may lose a few leaves which are quickly replaced upon watering, but if soil is kept too wet the roots may rot and you lose the whole plant, so I tend to underwater if I'm not sure. josh

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Thanks Josh. Sad news -- I repotted the plant this morning and saw that the roots are not looking good. Definitely a case of overwatering here. I've cut back some leaves and enclosed it in a plastic bag. Hopefully the plant will survive. It was really pretty. If you have other suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

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