winter creeper - How fast does it spread?

rmchamp(z5 WI)July 10, 2003

I just planted several winter creeper plants as ground cover in my partially-mostly shaded garden. I've placed them along a fence so they're able to climb if they so choose. The garden center said this should be a fine area for them. They don't seem to be growing much (they do look healthy though). Are they slow growers or do they need more sun? By the way, I'm completely new to gardening but very enthusiastic!

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Did they have name-tags with them, rmchamp?

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rmchamp(z5 WI)

Yes there is a tag. The name is Wintercreeper "Emerald Gaiety". It says to plant in full to partial sun, but the woman at the garden center said they would be just fine in shade. Maybe she meant they won't die, but won't grow either :(

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We planted wintercreeper from tiny little plants, 4 yrs ago. By the next year, they looked better and by the 3rd year they looked great and by the 4th year, we have to trim them back! They even grow up our fence and it looks great.
Ours is a purple wintercreeper and in the winter time they do turn purple.

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