Please identify

bonitamariposa(5)September 15, 2011

I found this lovely little surprise in our garden. Can someone identify it? Thanks :)

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It can be a Phlox but phloxes should be over by now.

Or it may be an annual called a 5-O'clock plant. Perennial in warmer zones but an annual in our areas. It produces pea-sized black seeds

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Four 0 clock. Do the flowers open in the evening and on cloudy days?

Here is a link that might be useful: picture of four o clock

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Yep it looks like four o clock, too bad it's only an annual in my zone :( Thanks for identifying.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Mine reseeds but the bigger plants are coming from roots that live over the winter. It has a big root; I wonder if you could dig that up and save it in a frost free place. We had a very cold Feb. but there was good snow cover during the sub zero weather.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

I agree its four o clock, botanically known as mirabilis. I dig them up in the fall and store over just like dahlia or gladiolus bulbs.

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Yup. It's a Four O'Clock alright. Pretty too.
If it goes to seed before your first frost, you will have lots of them next year.


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Definitely a four o'clock. I have had them for years, never dig them and they always come back from either seed or roots. They grow humongous carrot-like roots and are hardy in my zone 6 garden. I do find that after a few years, the only color I have is yellow and I have to reseed for some variety.

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Right now, the only color I have is the beautiful wine (deep pink) with touches of iridescent gold that Kathy (plantmaven) sent me starts of years back. They are blooming like crazy right now. I LOVE them. They trail over the garden paths and smell so wonderful every evening.

I will winter sow the ones that Annette sent me recently for my White Garden (thank you dear) and will then I'll have a white and a different pink too. Just have to keep them a fair distance apart so they don't cross.

I bought a lovely variety of yellow with white 4 O'clock seeds a couple of years ago and never got around to sowing them. Going to WS some of those too and see what gives next spring.

Like mosswitch said, mine make gigantic carrot-like roots and they also self-seed like crazy every year, so always have them and plenty of seedlings to share with others. They are very hardy here. Even got through this year's devastating drought and severe heat with flying colors.
Good luck with yours.

If you or anyone else wants some of the yellow with white seeds, give me a holler via e-mail. I won't need the whole packet.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I had a flood that washed some roots out at the end of May. I threw them in the ditch and put a shovel full of mulch over them. We haven't had a good rain since that flood and this summer is the second or third hottest ever with many hundred degree days. Those roots grew into plants that are blooming. They are good for the wild parts of your yard. They will smother day lilies and other less vigorous plants but have a place somewhere in your yard. Mine are fuchsia (some are white) and tall four feet or so. They smell good at night and have hawk moths flying around them. I had the broken color ones and light green foliage ones but they didn't come back. If you live in a colder climate, they may be less likely to take over. I like mine very much because everything else here has dried up.

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