Help!!! with Rhapis Palm

alesiayvette(6 - Michigan)July 14, 2003

I recently bought a Rhapis Palm, about 3' tall, and all the leaves are turning brown! At first I thought it was getting too much direct light in the patio doorway, so I moved it a few feet from the door. The leaves kept turning brown. Then I was told that maybe the air was too dry, so I've placed it in a tray of pebbles. I've been making sure to keep water from collecting in the bottom of the pot, but now I'm stuck. Can anyone help???

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Gitagal(z7a MD)

Does your pot have a drain hole???? NO PLANT will live long when there is no drainage.

Did you re-pot your palm into a bigger container? If you did, you should not have done so. Newly purchased plants usually do not require re-potting for at least a year.
If you DID (repot it), did you commit one of the most common "sins" of all and simply put the plant in the bigger pot and just filled it up with potting soil? This usually results in very rapid browning of the leaves and eventual "death". NEVER,NEVER put any extra soil on top of the existing level the plant was growing at. Make up for the extra depth of a larger pot by adding enough soil to the BOTTOM of the pot first, so that the plant will be positioned at the same level it was.
Also, Rhapsis palms like to stay a bit on the dry side.

If you just transplanted it (say a week or two ago), you can take the plant back out and repot it at the proper level. Again, make sure the pot has good drainage and the plant does not sit in water! gitagal

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Kannonchiku(Wales UK)

Its possible your Rhapis is getting more light that it was used to. Rhapis is shade loving and likes to be 'pot bound'. Keep moist but not soggy. Don't let it dry out completely ! Compost :- 75% grit 25% peat based compost. Needs very little fertilizer ( too much will burn the leaf tips) If kept too moist the roots can rot and turn the leaf tips black or brown. Remove from pot and check the roots, - and cut off any rotten or soggy roots. Also cut off or trim any unsightly leaves. Given this treatment it will take a season to look good again - but worth it for such a beautiful palm ! Best of luck - Keith

Here is a link that might be useful: National Rhapis collection - UK

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For sure it is not because of low humidity. Your summer humidity in the midwest is way greater than ours down here and we do not get leaf burn from lack of humidity on Rhapis. I would go along with maybe too much water. As the folks above mentioned, these grow fine on the dry side.

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dbglobal(2b CA)

I recently purchased a large Rhapis Palm, its about 7 feet tall. I made the mistake of repotting it. (I now know this was a big mistake) The question I have is, I live in N. California in a townhouse. My unit gets very warm in the summer. How much should I be watering the Pa;m? Also what is happening when the leaves begin to curl up like a reverse umbrella?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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