why won't it flower?

gardengurl49(z7 MD)July 1, 2005

I have this plant (don't know the name)

but I think it is a pretty common plant so please help me out!

It has deep green leaves kind of similar to hostas except I don't think the deep green color varies or there is a different color in this plant..

it produces these flowers that are WHITE. It is like half of a canna lily with a spiky cylinder-like spike inside the cup of a white flower.

please help me out! i really want to know the name of this plant so i can find out how to take care of it.

it is not producing these flowers which i really love

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gardengurl49(z7 MD)

actually i found the name!


:) :) now i need to find out why it won't flower!

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Garden, The common name for Spathiphyllum is Peace Lily..this is not an outdoor plant for z7..it's tropical.
First, there's many varieties of Spaths, from mini's to big 5'. The most common are those of medium height, about 12-16".
Spaths like to be a little potbound, so if you've repotted to large a pot, you'll have to wait unil roots fill the pot, then flowers will form..What size was growing pot, and if you repotted what size pot did you set in?

A good balanced fertilizer will also help. Once a month is appropriate, but follow container directions. It's said Peace Lily's can live in shade, but I disagree..in order for it to flower, it needs bright light. You do not need to set in south or west window iin summer, a few feet away fill do..an east window is ideal. When you bought the plant was it in flower? If so, then there isn't any reason other than what I mentioned above why it shouldn't rebloom. Water soil well, but allow to dry out a bit..Top 3" should look and feel dry. Some ppl wait until leaves wilt a bit between waterings. Also, make sure soil is well-draining. not heavy..Good luck, Toni

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Garden Girl. Spathyphyllum is an aroid. Go to that forum and post your questions. Anything that flowers with those hooded spaths is an aroid. It is a popular houseplant. You'll know when it needs watering, because the leaves will droop. It does like wet feet. A regular commercial potting soil will do fine. People in my office grow them in water with betas.


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Suzan, it depends on the commercial potting soil..Many sold here are black, and very heavy..w/p peat/sand, etc. W/this soil, and if kept constantly wet, the plant would surely die. I've over 400 houseplants, and been growing them over 20 yrs..
Yes, they'll do fine in water, but it's different when planted in soil..Toni

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gardengurl49(z7 MD)

thank you everyone.. i will head over to the aroid forum.. i didnt know there was one

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