Asparagus fern light requirements?

eileen_plantsJuly 14, 2006

Does anyone know what kind of light asparagus ferns need? I've tried my books, but they have differing opinions, so I thought I'd go straight to the source and ask someone who has one! I've heard ferns don't like direct sun and was confused when one book said bright light. I currently have it where it is receiving some direct sun but not much. I can easily move it to a more shaded site if that is what is required. Any help appreciated.

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Asparagus ferns aren't true ferns, and require bright light to full sun for best growth. Also, they need excellent drainage and prefer to dry out some between watering.
If outside for summer same care required. Good luck. josh

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I replied to this two days ago, but it never appeared. josh has answered your question well. I notice that he and I are in the same zone. Here they will overwinter in the ground, coming back from the roots. However, in your climate zone likely they will freeze if left out. You can lift them and winter them indoors. Just keep them above freezing. The little "peanuts" on the roots are water sacs, so they can survive for a time without water, but they don't wilt when their water supply is completely gone- they just DIE. In So. Florida they have naturalized and are considered somewhat of a nuisance. They are very tough.

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Eileen - I've found that inside (winter) they can take full sun, but outside (summer) they seem to do better in mostly shade. They divide well as hanging plants also. I try to keep them on the damp side; they WILL die if left too long. Enjoy!

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