Plant ID Needed, PLease

sunsi(z5 NY)July 11, 2007

I bought this plant becuase I thought it quite striking but it came without a ID tag. I have 2 pots of them and this one pictured is doing very well but the other one has leaves dropping. I don't know what name this plant has therefore haven't any idea of it's culture needs. Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

(I'm not sure where to post this so I will also try "Tropicals" if there are no replies here, thanks.) :)

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Hi Sunsi..what you have is a 'variegated Aralia'..I just bought one at Home Depot..Did you get yours there, too?
They like medium, bright light, NOT overwater, or the roots will rot..let soil dry between waterings. Fertilize w/an all purpose food during growing season..They go semi-dormant in winter, so be careful when watering..
What do you have sitting atop the soil? Is it bark? I don't think I'd keep it on..for one thing, it'll keep soil moist, second, it'll be difficult telling if soil needs a drink, and third, most ppl who use bark or mulch atop indoor plants end up getting fungus gnats. Mostly because soil stays damp, which attracts these bugs.
A well-draining soil works best. So, try not to repot w/too heavy a medium.
In winter, when house gets dry, it's best to place on top a pebble tray..this will help w/humidity. I'm also big on misting plants, so if you have a mister, spray away. That's about it really..just for the record, Aralias are not the easiest plants to grow..Good luck, Toni

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sunsi(z5 NY)

Thank you, Tony! So now I have a name to give this pretty little plant.....and I think Lowes (where I bought mine) and Home Depot have the same suppliers, lol

I do have bark on the soil of this plant but per your instructions will remove it asap. That will account for why the other Aralia is dropping leaves and I certainly don't want fungus knats. I've put bark on all my indoor plants so I have to remove it all now and be on the safe side.

I appreciate your time in giving me all this valuable information it's most helpful to know about this plant in the wintertime too. Knowing that they go semi-dormant will effect how they react to being watered during this period. I have a ZZ plant that I almost killed with water till I found out what it's needs were and now it's the happiest plant I have. :)

I will purchase a mister and follow your advise to become a "misting fool" lol Do all indoor plants like to be misted during winter is a question I should investigate more. For instance, I'm very careful not to get my violet leaves wet so I imagine there are other plants that would prefer to stay dry also.

There is so much to learn and I want to create the optimal conditions for each plant because they are so important to have in our environment.

Again, thanks Tony for your most useful help and time. :)

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Patty, you've made up a nice website..I don't have time to read it through at the moment, but it's quite interesting and informative..

Sun, actually, I mist most plants...I don't spray African Violets,(though, once every 2 wks, I set them in a sink filled w/warm water, about 20 mins) Episcias, or any other fuzzy plant, cactus and succulents..
Once a month I'll take Cactus and Succulents to the sink and hose off leaves, etc, without wetting soil.
But all other plants are misted..
Yes, there's a lot to learn about plants. Asking questions on GW, borrowing books from the library or purchasing helps a lot too..though what's funny is, you can have 3 plant books in front of you, 3 different authors, and each will advise differently on the same
Good luck, toni

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