Hurricane Sandy survivors, please check in!

budbackeast(FLORIDA)October 31, 2012

Hope everybody in the path of the hurricane has come thru okay. And hoping that all those potted trees were wheeled and hauled into the house before the storm. Fig branches are so delicate.

If you live up in the path of hurricane Sandy, please drop a note telling us how your families, your homes and your trees are doing. I'm sure others are wondering about this also.

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Came through the storm without any damages to life, or limb. Fig trees are fine. Some areas ripped to shreds, with many power failures. NYC in areas, has been wrecked, and Lower Manhattan is under water. Construction crane now hanging over 57th street, 75 stories above Manhattan. If that thing falls, it will take out buildings, and punch through the street, steam-pipes, and subway systems. Midtown is a disaster. Stay away if you are planning a Christmas Vacation...unless, you like "adventure"! This storm will cost NYC billions in lost dollars, and, in damages. Far more damages than the infamous 9-11... which was localized, and in a small, but contained, area.

God help all those who lost so much.

Thanks for the concerns.


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Chris Christie (NJ Governor: original comments edited).

Bloomberg (NYC Mayor: original comments/language edited).

In my opinion: (The cleaned-up version)....

re: C. CHRISTIE....
Obama has done NOTHING more than any other President regarding disaster relief. Why all the kudos from the NJ "mouth"? The zenith of ass-kissing, on full display.

NYC is a DISASTER AREA and you decided that the moronic, NYC Marathon will still be run on schedule! Cops and resources are needed in other places. The Marathon is meaningless, and irrelevant. For starters, we need gasoline, electricity, transportation, working traffic lights, voting machines that will work ... not 10,000 imbiciles clogging traffic!!!!



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Expect a lot of things in the coming months like this. I'm from New Orleans, and no amount of political stupidity surprises me.

Notice how few folks are checking in here? May be that they cannot, for lack of power and internet up there. Sure hope everybody comes out okay. The news we get down here sounds pretty bleak.

I must give New Yorkers kudos, for as far as we hear down here, the citizens are not rioting and looting. In New Orleans, we had looting before the storm, during the storm, and then it was a melee after the storm. New Yorkers are tougher, better people than we swamp folks.

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In reference to your last paragraph...reserve your judgments for a few more days.

We have a special breed of opportunistic parasites up in these parts. Thanks, but you give this city too much credit. There are already reports of people fighting on the gas lines, and the fraudulent, "Insurance Adjusters" are out in full force to ravage desperate people. Far more sophisticated than the animals that were spawned by Katrina. This kind of predatory vermin will always revert-to-type, to loot, steal, defraud, and sometimes, kill. After all...they feel they are entitled.

You'll change your tune.


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good to hear your safe bronx, The gov got me mad too. Chris Christie's fatass is more worried about the roller coaster and hot dog stands then his people. I know I'm not the only one who seen Bloomberg shrug the storm off as if nothing would happen. even the balled headed guy on the weather Chanel said he didn't agree with him because of the high tide aspect. then when someone asks a question he's always short answered with a sour puss on his face. and the only relief is coming for those who generate big bucks. I hope everything comes to order soon.

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Shark swimming in the streets of NY

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These politicians that we elect, then, celebrate!...are some of the biggest butt-holes that this planet ever produced. The "aristocracy" class...AND, they never go away! We are stuck with them for years!! Even when voted out of office, they still think they are relevant. Look at Bill Clinton, and his imperious, incompetent, wife. Still muggin' for the cameras.

I just hope this city rebounds quickly, and I pray that some comfort and peace will go to those that lost everything.

I also pray that this coming Tuesday, Election Day...will be the end of an error!


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Woo hoo! A fig form first: a political thread.

Frank, you are dead on right about New York vs New Orleans. We are simple savages when times get tough. New Yorkers are more sophisticated, and the crimes to expect are going to be more cleverly planned and executed, and the victims will be not just robbed, but ruined. Bummer.

But then, you are obviously an optimist, Frank. You still believe that elections matter. No matter who wins the election, the people will get screwed. Every election. Everywhere. Forever. Good guys don't run for office beyond dog catcher. It's the system. The regular people cannot win in this system.

Magic formula for happiness regarding politicians: Expect much less. Works every time.

And yet... the sun is shining, my family is warm and happy, and there's over 50 ripening figs in my little orchard. I'll just take it day by day.

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You made my day. Love the wry humor...a silver lining for my political shroud.

Hope springs eternal ...


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A gift to all New Yorkers and New Jerseyites, er, New Jersians, er, New Jersicans, er... New Yorkers and dem other guys.

Useful! See attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Useful tool for Sandy survivors.

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New York was just fine until SOMEBODY got rid of that one fig tree with big figs. That one tree was the divine protector of the north. All it's energy went into saving the world rather than into producing delicious fig fruit. Now it is gone, and millions are left unprotected. Woe woe woe!

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I lost one big branch. The wind flew the table from the patio and the table hit the Fig tree. I am trying to let the broken branch to root. Hope it will.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Is that shark photo in the yard real? Seems like I've seen that one before, but maybe not. After all, it was the ocean swamping the land all over.


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