Please help me identify my fig tree (3

AnaCostaOctober 15, 2013

Hi guys,

I just bought a fig tree and realised that knowing its type might be quite important if I want ripe figs.

Do any of you know which one it is? Figs are green when ripe (see photo).

Thanks in advance!

P.s- the garden shop where I purchased my tree said all they knew is that it was from the Algarve, which is in the south of Portugal.

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Another photo

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The one ripe fig I had didn't look so good. It was way too milky to be good, it didn't smell like anything, the taste was over-ripe, and there was something white, resembling a fungus in the center of it.

Either way, I'm adding a photo here in case it helps

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Very nice full unique dark-amber/brown fig pulp!
But, sorry I cannot help with the ID...
How does it taste?

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