Bugs or something eating green pepper leaves

Gator99March 31, 2014


I just planted a few green bell pepper plants in containers. They seem to be growing well but something has been chewing on the leaves (same with a nearby basil plant). I thought perhaps it might be a caterpillar, but I never caught or saw one. Also, today I noticed some very small bugs (possibly ants) crawling around the the leaves of the pepper plants. What can I do? I'm a new gardener.

Also, I should add that these plants are inside a screened pool area. Other plants in the same area (mint, tomato) are fine. The attached photo shows the chewing on the pepper plant leaves and on the leaf I am touching you can see some small black bugs.


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zzackey(8b GA)

Ants wouldn't do that! Slugs? Caterpillars? You can put a tuna can or cat food can out with some beer in it. If it's slugs they will go in for a drink and not be able to get out. Some caterpillars are the same shade of green as the plants and very hard to see. Take your time and look around the plants for them. Then you can pick them off and step on them.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Grasshoppers & katydids do damage that looks like that as well - katydids feed @ night, I believe - & cutworms, etc. are most active in the wee hours, then hide during the day.

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